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In his years as a Hong Kong police officer, Nishi Tatsuyoshi has never seen murder victims like the ones being found in the abandoned Kowloon Walled City. Bodies completely drained of blood are showing up every few nights, and rumors of vampires are swirling. The closer Nishi gets to the truth, the more obstacles are thrown in his way. Someone doesn’t want him to discover what’s really going on! Forced into an uneasy alliance with the Chiropteran-hunting Red Shield organization, Nishi works with a mysterious cello player named Hagi as they try to find the source of the murders and bring down the Wong family — which peddles a miracle drug they claim will give users immortality!

This is a prequel to Blood+ where Haji is searching for Saya before he was told that she’s in Okinawa with George and co. Now, I noticed that some dislike this manga due to its shounen-ai vibes. Well, you have nothing to worry about. This manga doesn’t have the hardcore yaoi vibes. However, there are light BL tones where Nishi seems to be attracted to Haji. That’s it since Haji loves Saya (who is not present in this manga except for flashbacks). Well,  there are parts where one of the bad guys caress Haji’s face or how Nishi holds Haji’s face. But there’s nothing much. Well, probably because the mangaka himself has a long list of BL manga in his resume.

The artwork is very beautiful since the mangaka happens to be one of my favorite BL mangakas. The story is very enjoyable and the characters are cool. Nishii’s attitude reminds me of Kai since they both lost their brothers and really want to find out what’s going on. There’s also Isaac, who is a member of Red Shield. His role is similar to David’s but I’m disappointed about his fate. Yeah, he doesn’t show up in the anime but it would be cool though. And Haji….is still Haji and yet, he’s beautiful in this manga.

Anyway, I suggest reading after watching the anime so that it would make some sense on the story.