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A few months ago, I made a quick review on Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto. And last May, Sentai Filmworks licensed this 2006 show. I was surprised why they did that just now in 2012. But I guess it’s just for marketing purposes. I don’t know how popular was this show when it was still airing in Japan. I remember reading some posts from psgels that the fansubs were released irregularly. But anyway, Fandom Post did a guessing game in their forums for the English dub cast. The results are out.

Main Cast:

-I have no idea who this guy is. Yeah, he did voice one minor character in Night Raid 1931 but since that character has little importance to the series, I forgot what his voice sounds like. He has very few roles and doesn’t have an imdb page yet! Well, he has a Twitter account XD

  • Kakunojo Yuyama- Emily Neves

-Known for playing the voice of Angel / Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats and Kotomi Ichinose of CLANNAD. You can listen to her as Kotomi here. Surprisingly, this girl happens to be a semi-finalist of American Idol Season 4. Hmm…I have a hard time imagining how she will Kakunojo’s kabuki acting.

-Known for his roles as Sha Goyjo (Saiyuki), Hayate (Pretear) and that bastard, Shido (Highschool of the Dead). Well, he fits this role.

-Known for his roles as Finland (Hetalia) and Kazuma Mikura (Air). I don’t know how he sounds like and I would care less since Kanna didn’t do much in the anime except attack Akizuki

Cast for the RL Historical Figures

  • Kaishuu Katsu- David Wald

-I already listened to his voice in Night Raid 1931. I’ll just say that he fits for this role since Katsu merely acts as an observer.

  • Ryoma Sakamoto- Andrew Love

-Heard him also in Night Raid 1931. Well, again, he fits because he changed Akizuki’s life and pretty much, his death made an impact to him.

It’s a bit odd that they didn’t mentioned who will voice Toshizou Hijikata, Takeaki Enomoto and Tetsunosuke Ichimura because they’re also important characters. But since they’ll appear in the second half (except for Enomoto), I guess that announcement will come sooner.

I’ll not bother commenting on the supporting cast since they don’t do much in the series most especially, those two kids in Kakunojo’s acting troupe. So, I’ll just list them down.

Yuyama acting troupe and supporters cast:

  • Shiranui Kozo –  David Matranga
  • Kotoha – Carli Mosier
  • Ebisu no Zukin – Greg Ayres
  • Kakashi no Keishin – Steve Fenley
  • Zagashira – Carl Masterson
  • Benimaru – newcomer Kalin Coates
  • Kobako – Brittney Karbowski

Antagonists for the first half cast:

  • Nakaiya Jūbē – John Swasey
  • Hario Genba – George Manley
  • Saiga Magozō – Christopher Ayres
  • Koma no Shōten-sama – John Kaiser
  • H.S. Parkes – Brett Weaver
  • T.B. Glover – Scotty Fults

Anyways, I’ll try watching the English dub on September.