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As promised, I bring my impressions of the Mass Effect trilogy games. If you want to know more about the story and the characters, just visit its wiki article and then, the Mass Effect wiki. But the latter contain spoilers and I bet you’ll be pretty lost with it.

How I started with this love for the franchise is when Mass Effect 3 was released last March 2012. My brother is fan of the series and whenever I watched him played, I got curious. I kept asking what the story is all about and who are the characters. Then, he told me that I should play the game myself. To be honest, I never played a shooter game before in my entire life. Yeah, Mass Effect is an RPG genre too and I used to play RPGs back in high school. But for games with guns, never. Yeah. I remember back in elementary where kids used to play Counter Strike but I’m not one of them. But anyways, I decided to try by playing the first Mass Effect game.

And….the first trials suck because I ended up getting killed or getting my squadmates dead. Choosing the dialogues is all right since it’s an RPG element. But I’m such a noob on the guns and the modifications. So, my brother recommend me to read the prima guide instead. Anyway, I did everything what the guide told me. Actually I did those missions where it doesn’t involve too much shooting XD

But when I get to the Therum mission (the mission where you rescue the asari scientist and later, squadmate Liara), everything changes. And after finishing that mission, I’m became confident enough to play the rest of the game. It’s a good thing that I keep quick saving the game before moving to the next part of the mission. Yes, there are few instances where I still get killed but luckily, I learned my way around by upgrading my weapons and armors with new mods. And in one week, I finally finished ME1.

What I really like about ME1 is the storyline. It’s basically “save the galaxy from extinction which is about to cause by creepy squid-like alien machines”. And after interacting with the characters and reading the Codex, you really get to learn about the Mass Effect universe. It has the vibes of Macross, Star Wars and Star Trek. But Mass Effect really pulls an interesting tale here.

Another thing which I really like about ME1 is the characters. Most of them have their moments and IMO, there is no character which bore me. Your squadmates (two humans, one asari, one quarian, one turian and one krogan) have their own story to tell and it’s up to you, Commander Shepard, to be more friendly or more of a jerk to them. BTW, my Shepard is a female and an adept. Her background is Colonist and War Hero. Her biotic abilities are very useful but sadly, she only use a pistol. The other weapons on her back are just decorations.

*Ashley Williams- I’m aware that most people don’t like her attitude against aliens. But listening to her history, well, I think it takes more time for her to get used to being with other species. Anyway, you can ignore her racist behavior and focus more on her abilities in combat. Plus, she’s like a big sister to my Shepard…..and I’m very guilty that I have to leave her to die in Virmire since I’m hitting more on Kaidan. Sorry, Ash, I have to save Kaidan.

*Kaidan Alenko- generally, my weakness for good-looking men with super hot sexy voices applies here. Kaidan is my target romance here. Yeah, I’m very aware that most people don’t like him because he’s boring. Well, you better explain further why he’s boring to you because for me, I don’t! Anyway, I was really careful in romancing him. There’s no detailed guide on how to pursue romance with a character so I really have to choose paragon and neutral responses. His responses are okay and I could tell that he’s really attracted to you despite that your his CO. Well, screw regs, I’m bringing him to bed.

*Garrus Vakarian- in all of the three main missions excluding Ilos, I always bring Garrus along. I’ll admit: Garrus is my favorite squadmate throughout the three games. He’s no biotic but he knows grind the enemy down. Plus, he’s funny and quirky too. It’s really interesting when you talk to him after missions. You get to tell him to be more responsible to helping other people and he accepts it. Of course, if you’re a paragon.

*Liara T’Soni- well, she’s a useful biotic. But I noticed that she looks sleepy when I talked to her. Yeah, she’s stuck in some biotic bubble for some time when you’ve first met her. Anyway, I know that you can also romance her with both genders since her race is bisexual. But I have to be friendly to her and think of her as my BFF.

*Tali’Zorah nar Rayya- her voice is very cute. Probably her accent, I think. She’s also my BFF here. I really like talking to her about the quarian culture and history.

*Urdnot Wrex- this krogan here is my big bro. It’s interesting to listen to his backstory. And if you did the right choice, you get to inspire him. Also, he’s funny. If you bring him to the Citadel, he says a lot of funny stuff during those elevator scenes.

Of course, there are likeable characters like Joker, Anderson and even, fanboy Conrad Verner. It’s also nice chatting to other NPCs and just like an RPG, you get to help them with their problems. There are also characters who I despised like Udina and the turian councilor.

I also like the diversity and uniqueness of the species such as the asari, turian, salarian and krogan. You can get to learn more of them when you talk to certain NPCs or your alien squadmates.

Now, what I really don’t like is driving the Mako. It’s actually hard to steer it  when you tried to climb on a very steep and rocky mountain. And what I really hate is fighting the Thresher Maw because they keep popping out of nowhere. There’s this one mission where you have to defeat a Thersher Maw and I got killed on the first round. That’s the last time that I’ll be fighting a Thersher Maw because I tried to ignore the areas where they’re hiding.

Another is what I’ve mentioned, the weapons training. If you’re an adept, engineer or sentinel, you only use a pistol and all the other weapons are merely decoration on your back. It also goes the same with your squadmates who are trained for pistols. But at least, you don’t ran out of ammo. You only worry about overheating.

There’s also the decryption thing where you need to have some omnigel to open certain lockers or hack computers. Plus, you need to have high Electronics skills or a squadmate who has that skill.  And I hate that minigame, if you ran out of it and you have low omnigel, then it sucks.

Anyway, ME1 is like a shooter game training to me since its sequel is becoming more like that. And that’s coming up next.