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Well, summer anime 2012 is not my favorite season. Winter 2012 is a bit better but Summer 2012 almost made me lose interest in watching anime and blogging. Really, in this season, I really don’t have the mood to blog a certain anime which I really like. Idk but due to RL issues, I’m slowly losing interest in episode blogging.

  • Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu: Uta Koi– I find this anime refreshing. Dunno what’s up with the thick lines but the moving plaids remind me of Gankutsuou. Anyway, I like that there are different stories and characters in each episode. Of course, most of it is romance but take note, it’s on the Heian Period so don’t go whining on how the women behaved in this era.

  • Natsuyuki Rendevous– I would imagine this as a Jdrama. Hmm, let’s put Jun Matsumoto or Shun Oguri as the male lead and see what happens. XD XD I’m kidding. Anyway, the story reminds of those movies where one person can only see the ghost like Ghost Town, Just Like Heaven  and Over Her Dead Body except those three are comedies. This anime is drama but Atsushi does his best to ruin Hazuki’s chances in romancing his wife. Anyway, I don’t have much sympathy for the characters but I’ll check on who gets the girl in the end.

BTW, I put Arcana Famiglia on hold since I’m really annoyed by Liberta and Nova’s attitudes. I don’t know if I could continue watching Uchuu Kyoudai but I’m still completing Fate/Zero Season 2 and Phi Brain Season 2. Someone suggested to me that I should try Humanity has Declined. Well, I’ll try if I have time. Now about my impressions on Mass Effect 3, I’ll post it as soon as everyone cools their heads about the endings.