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Last week, I’ve watched The Dark Knight Rises and I really enjoyed it. Not as good as the second film but it’s a nice conclusion to the Nolan/Batman trilogy. But this epic conclusion is marred by the Aurora theater shooting during the movie’s midnight premiere. And I was disappointed at my professor yesterday where he blamed the movie for the shooting. And to be honest, just after class, I said it out loud before I left the room, “Batman doesn’t kill people!” before I get to hear his reaction XP Anyway, due to my obsession of Batman, I’ve watched Batman: Gotham Knight which are 6 animated short films done by various Japanese animation studios.

Similar to the Animatrix, these movies contain stories related to any Batman continuity and they’re not necessarily part of the Nolan/Batman trilogy.

  • Have I Got A Story For You– Animation done by Studio 4°C and those who are familiar with Tekkonkinkreet, the character design is this. The story tells about four teenagers who discuss about their different encounters with Batman. Apparently, each of the kid’s description of Batman is bizarre, ranging from a dark shadow, a bat and a robot. But, of course, we (the viewers) know that Batman is just an ordinary person with no superpowers.
  • Crossfire– Animation done by Production I.G.. Tells about two detectives (Anna Ramirez and Crispus Allen) who are escorting a criminal to Arkham Asylum but they got caught in a gang war between Maroni and the Russian. Then, Batman saves the day. This movie just shows how awesome Batman is while walking on fire. That’s all. Don’t care much about the detectives but, of course, we all know what Ramirez did later on in The Dark Knight.
  • Field Test– Animation done by Bee Train. And we got the most bishie-looking Bruce Wayne evah! And he doesn’t even look like Christian Bale 😦 Plus, the Bat suit looks a bit goofy to me. So, the story is all about Batman testing out his new suit while investigating a murder which leads to another gang war between Maroni and The Russian and someone nearly killed. This is one of the few films that show Bruce without his suit
  • In Darkness Dwells– Animation done by Madhouse. Tells about Batman, trying to rescue the cardinal from Scarecrow and the Croc in the sewers. It’s really interesting that we get to see how Batman and Jim Gordon worked together.  But still, this movie is like your typical Batman episode.
  • Working Through Pain– Animation done again by Studio 4°C. Bruce’s character design looks vaguely familiar….I tried to rack my brain on which anime character is that. Anyway, it’s still an interesting story. We get to see more Bruce outside his suit and how copes his pain. I think it really comes in handy later in The Dark Knight Rises. But of course, this one is made in 2008.
  • Deadshot– Animation done again by Madhouse. And Bruce looks like your typical Timm-style Bruce Wayne. He’s still hot, though. It’s nice that they introduce more of Alfred and how he and Batman worked together to stop Deadshot from killing Gordon.

Kevin Conroy did the English dub of Bruce/Batman since, duh, he’s always know as the voice of Batman. The characters of Lucius Fox and Jim Gordon are nearly similar to Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman respectively.

But these series of films are not really enjoyable much as the Animatrix. The last four are actually the best one since they brought out more of Bruce Wayne and his Batman persona together. The first two are all right but the second one is my least favorite. For the animation, Madhouse wins the gold but for the best-looking Bruce is obviously….the one in the sixth film 😛 Bishie Bruce comes in second.

Anyway, for Batman fans out there, you might enjoy these.