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Genki Sudo and his merry men brought another video from their latest “2012” called “Change Your Life”

This time, we get to see a new form of World Order, where they don their suits and join the host club. It’s a common thing in Japan. Think of it as Ouran High School Club :3 But even though they don’t wear suits, they still got the moves and the charm. And some of the members even look like the ones from the Jpop boy bands. Of course, I’ve heard that some of them used to be dancers of LAST EXILE or something.

But the main focus again in this video is Uchiyama, becoming the butt monkey again. You know, I felt sorry for him for being the one getting bullied and rejected. If you remember the other video, “Boy Meets Girl”, he gets slapped around and receives little attention from others. It’s like I don’t know….this guy really needs a break. But luckily in this video, Genki and the rest of the gang present to him the Dragon Balls! o_O And then, Uchiyama became Super Saiyan Host with matching costume, blonde hair and kamehameha!! XD XD XD  This actually the biggest WTF for me. And yet, the single really fits the message here in this video: If you want to be awesome, change your life. That’s right, just like Uchiyama, he changed his lifestyle and became awesome!