And….we’re back with more Kyousogiga. I tried to remember the events in the very first OVA and when I was watching the latest episode, there’s no follow-up if it. Only in 9 minutes, this episode shows us the early days of Koto with her master, Inari.

We do remember that Inari is the mysterious person who wears a white fox mask and a shakko hat in the PV and makes a cameo in the first OVA. He seemingly looks like a male version of Koto but we never get to see his face. By the looks of it, it seems he and Koto belong to an organization called Planetary Union Shrine and, judging by the pictures shown earlier in this episode, it seems Koto’s parents are in it too. I had to speculate whether Inari is biologically related to Koto. He’s way too young to be her dad, so maybe…brother?

Those two people (excluding the guy in the shakko cap) have faces but we don’t know their names yet.

I don’t know where exactly Koto is but it doesn’t look like she’s in Kyoto, where Myoue and the others are.But I think the last part of this episode suggests that Koto would enter Kyoto for the first time after she saw a strange door around the corner with a black bunny entering it. It’s somewhat similar to how Alice enters Wonderland.

Business as usual

Anyway, we still have to wait for October for the next episode. I suggest you read the manga too as it explains more about the Mirror City of Kyoto  and how Koto got her hammer and meet Myoue and the others. But I don’t know how this episode can relate to this as it is an “origin” story of Koto. As for Inari, he might have a bigger role in the future. I think these ONAs are still on the prologue stage before the main story begins. The manga, however, just explains Koto’s first visit in Kyoto. But I’m looking forward in the future episodes.