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After months of waiting, Ace Attorney fans finally got a chance to see the live-action movie of their favorite game. If you’re asking how I got the English subbed version, someone in tumblr posted the SRT file of the English subs. But if you want to watch it online and have no time to download, then good luck. However, it seems that there are some errors in the subs that I’ve found. Anyway, I have to bear with it.

Phoenix’s shining finger of OBJECTION!

For first timers, this is all about the young attorney, Phoenix Wright, who is just starting his career as a lawyer. However, as his journey began, he meets Maya Fey, a spirit medium and the sister of his mentor, Mia and faces his childhood friend, Miles Edgeworth, who is now a ruthless prosecutor. Plus, an unsolved case, known as the DL-6 incident, comes back in the courtroom and it’s up to Phoenix to find the truth behind and save his friends.

The wonders of technology in the Ace Attorney world. Wished we have this in the real world.

Phoenix is surprised that Maya’s boobs didn’t went bigger.

The main cases in this movie are Turnabout Sisters and Turnabout Goodbyes. Likewise to all movie adaptations, there are changes but this movie stay true to the original. Of course, other cases featured in the first Ace Attorney game are here. So, we wouldn’t miss the very first case that Phoenix won. But the transition of some scenes somehow confuse me. First timers would also get confuse here too and they might get bored with the long cross-examinations. There is also one plot point which I didn’t like. Hint: It’s something about Edgeworth’s dad.

Phoenix, troubled as usual

Edgeworth, hot…mmm….hot as ever…..*slaps herself back to reality*

Larry, funny and crazy as ever

For the characters, most of them are perfect. I applauded Hiroki Nanimiya because he did a great job in portraying Phoenix. Larry’s actor, Akiyoshi Nakao, also did a great job which made tons of laughter throughout the show. Takumi Saito did well as he portrays Edgeworth’s calm personality. However, it would be interesting if he does his breakdown. You know, the one when he lost a case. That would also be funny and it would show that Edgeworth is not really a stoic person.

Gumshoe, looking badass and handsome!

For Gumshoe….well, I’m shocked that they portrayed him as a bishie and not a bara. But Shunsuke Daito did a good job in portraying him right down to being too quick to judge.

Maya looks so gloomy here. Maybe she’s hungry for burgers.

But my main problem here is Maya. We all know how wacky and energetic Maya is. But in this movie, she looks so serious. The other characters did well
with some changes. The Judge is so strict, it’s like he’s going to give a death sentence to anyone and Redd White looks like Gene Simmons of KISS.

D’aww~! This is so cute!

Our perfect love team….if only would they kiss…

The portrayal of setting shows a darker and gloomy tone as opposed in the games. Of course, they’re showing how serious the case, DL-6 incident, is handled. But the costumes of the characters make it up to show how wacky and ridiculous the world of Ace Attorney is.

A badass walk needs a badass music!

The most adorable and heartwarming scene ever.

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie with all the crazy antics that the characters put up and at the same time, I felt sad on some of the dramatic points. Even though it’s not perfect, this is a true movie adaptation for Ace Attorney fans. But for first timers, well, you’re gonna be confused on the craziness here.

For the last round:

“Hey, Wright! Let’s sing ‘kumbaya’ while the credits roll!”

“Hah? You wanna sing ‘kumbaya’ right now?! We still have a sequel coming!”

“Hey! Did someone say there’s gonna be a sequel?”