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Prequel to the series Litchi Hikari Club by Furuya Usamaru, Bokura no Hikari Club follows the lives of the nine club members before the events of Litchi Hikari Club.

This prequel is a softer and less violent story of Litchi Hikari Club. It shows how the club started and how the members came about. Basically, much of the story is focused on Tamiya, who is the original founder of the club which only composed on him and his childhood friends, Dafu and Kaneda. They only start as a simple group of friends who like to have fun until when they became a group plotting for world domination and have no qualms in taking someone’s life. Tamiya still keeps humanity in check. Yes, he is still human even though he witnessed the deaths of two people, he believes that these people have done something wrong. Until when Jaibo coerced his position as the original founder, he realizes that there is indeed something wrong with the club.

The transition is very big and yet, we get to see the humane side of the club members. Zera is actually a lonely boy whose parents are divorced which explains his resentment on growing up. He is told by a fortune teller that he will rule the world someday and how he became a twisted man is all due to Jaibo, who convinced him to pursue that fate. The other members have their own reasons to join such as contributing to Zera’s plot. Some questions in the sequel are answered here such as how Nico lost his eye and how Tamiya is so calm when Jaibo kills the history teacher. But eventually, this story ended where Tamiya has to make a terrible choice which brings into the gory events of the sequel.

The gore is seldom present but the BL overtones are still there when it involves Zera and Jaibo. In fact, Jaibo is responsible on how club became and Zera’s transition. And of course, he’s also responsible for the bloody details.

Anyway, if you like Litchi Hikari Club, then you’ll love this prequel.