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High school student Jinpachi Kogure is a member of the manga club and is no good with women. Yumika Testuyoshi is a troubled female high school student who’s always skipping school and searching for a girl she doesn’t hate. However, these two are in reality young masters of the art of killing people: “Young Guns”—-!

I started reading this just when I found out that author, Makoto Fukami, is involved in the scriptwriting of Psycho-pass, with Gen Urobuchi. So, I have to see how he does his own way of doing action stories. Of course, this manga is based on the light novel he wrote.

Anyway, the story is very simple: two vigilante teenagers who are tasked in cleaning up the stuff that the police failed to do. They belong to this group called Hybrid which is led by a woman named Shironeko (or White Cat). How they join them is very much simple: Jinpachi wants to take revenge on the man who killed his parents and Yumika only joins because she is the daughter of a well-known mercenary. They also have an opposition group who also have trained young guns and one of the members happened to be the murderer of Jinpachi’s parents. However, this manga only composed half of the novel’s story which is why there are some things left unresolved. And the ending is rushed with no resolution on what happened to the other characters.

Jinpachi’s story is more interesting because he has a goal and understands the circumstances about who his targets are. Yumika is just….I don’t know…At first, she seems to be his gung-ho girl but when she meets the daughter of a Narcotics officer, then she became protective of her just because she wants to get into her panties. Jinpachi’s classmates are your typical normal high school students except there’s a twist where one of them happens to be a yakuza boss. If you’re asking about him learning about Jinpachi’s true identity in the future, well, the manga didn’t show that which is disappointing.

There’s nothing much about the Hybrid’s boss, Shironeko and her personality is bland. For example, when one of the Young Guns screwed up in some mission, she scolds him and then, goes back to her business as if there’s nothing happening. She doesn’t even drill them for their mistakes. Tsubaki, Jinpachi’s mentor, reminds me of Hei from Darker than Black. But I really wish to know him more.

The art is all right except for the fight scenes. They looked like they’re just sketches and stuff. The artist admitted that she’s not a big fan of action movies.

Despite my disappointments, I enjoyed reading it. I hope I might get to read the novels someday.