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This is actually a two minute advertisement of Asiana Airlines and Genki Sudo’s WORLD ORDER is promoting them.

It’s hilarious too. The guys were checking out on the stewardess and their reaction when talking to the receptionist just really made this video go “WOW!”. I noticed that Noguchi, Takahashi, Ochiai and Genki kept their poker faces while the rest of the boys go O_O.

What’s more surprising is that they went to South Korea and danced there. I don’t know what city is it but it seems that the guys have a business meeting with the Korean executives.  I don’t know if that really happened but it’s like “Wow, Genki Sudo is making peace with them.” Hmm, maybe Genki should meet with PSY and do their own version Gangnam Style XD XD XD jk. Or maybe he should do this with China but, of course, considering the current territorial disputes between Japan and China and other controversies…..I think it’s unlikely.

Update: WORLD ORDER’s Youtube channel uploaded the full PV of Permanent Revolution. This time, we get  to see Genki and boys going sightseeing and checking out the stores in South Korea. And surprisingly, they have a meeting with the Korean and Chinese officials (Idk if they’re really the government officials but I’ll just assume that they are). Wow! I guess this is Genki’s response about the current issues between Chinese and Japanese foreign relations now (and possibly Korean) and I really like how he’s extending this message, “We Are All One!” to his country’s neighbors. I guess he’s really upset with the news now on those territorial disputes and the anti-Japanese protests. How I really wish that these three countries should get along now and not always get clouded by the past. Anyway, there seems to be a teaser at the end of the video where an American (or European) official picks up the paper with the “We Are All One!” message and places it in his pocket…..Hmm….