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Well, summer is over! And I’m glad it’s over! I felt bad that I was not able to do some episodic blogging for any of this season’s show because I felt that there’s nothing to really express about them. Oh, and about Arcana Famiglia, maybe I’ll watch the Jolly-centric episodes. The rest can go to the drain because it has no Kouji Yusa magic in it! I’m not done with Humanity has Declined yet nor I’m planning to make a impression on it.

  • Natsuyuki Rendevous– Zzzz….oh wait, there’s something to say here….It’s really slow…..I tried to like this show. But unlike those slow-moving animes which I’ve enjoyed, this anime failed me. I guess this all started when Atsushi possessed Hazuki’s body and everything went stagnant. But, I’ll just give this show a “Good” rating for the pretty animation and songs.

  • Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu: Uta Koi– This is an okay anime. The animation looks good and the story is over the top. First, there’s the love story with each couple and there’s the goofy narration done by Teika. But…….my feeling for this show is “meh, whatever.” Enjoyed the music (even the ED song, you creeps!). Laughed at the comedy (only on the giggle level) except for episode 6 which gives me a WTF level. Overall, good anime but not really the most awesome yet.

  • Phil Brain: Kami no Puzzle 1 & 2: I know I’m supposed to make a final impression for season 1. But I’ll combine it with season 2. Anyway, I’m surprised that this got a third season on 2013 and I’m really looking forward to it! First, I really enjoyed the characters. They’re not just puzzle freaks. They’re human being who have their own crazy issues and the puzzles represent how they solve their issues in life. Of course, there’s the usual BL overtones all around and every season, there’s a white-haired childhood friend who goes yandere for Kaito. The music and songs are awesome and I don’t care for the derpy animation (well, Sunrise is notorious for that). I guess this one will made it in my top 10 for my 2012 list.

I really can’t wait for Fall 2012! Psycho-pass is on my top priority list and I really intend to blog it. Asides from the other obvious reasons that most people would want to watch it, I enjoyed cop and detective media with noir and cyberpunk in it and this anime has it. Of course, there’s [K], which reminds me of Durarara, and From the New World, which has some cool animation. I’m on the fence on Code:Breaker since I had a feeling that it would end up like any other shounen adaptation with crappy fillers. Litchi Hikari Club is….questionable….I don’t know how would the anime version worked but I had this feeling that it would be like South Park (based on the promo pic during its first announcement).  Anyway, here comes Fall 2012!