So, you thought that someone has the balls to adapt a very gory manga into a typical anime which is supposed to be 24 minutes? WRONG! All you got is a two-minute comedic short in flash animation. Did you read the synopsis wrong? Not really…but….yeah, blame the PR for not showing us that it’s a comedic short. I think this anime is for those who are fans of the manga. Yes, there are fans of this gory horror manga.

Even though I don’t like Zera, he looks cute in chibi form.

So, what’s this episode all about? Somehow similar to chapter 1 where the boys capture a student who is trespassing their hideout. Zera is asking suggestions from the members on what to do with him. Kanon and Litchi already made an appearance so, it’s like they’re part of the club now. Anyway, Zera turns down each suggestion and when it’s Kanon’s turn, everybody seems surprised at it.

I don’t think the manga storyline is going to be adapted here. Pretty much, this might be about some unrelated and funny stories on what’s going on in the club. Unless, they’ll try to include the gore which I think would be similar to how it’s done in South Park and Happy Tree Friends.

The voice actors are the stage actors from the original play and I’ll admit that some of them have the potential in entering the voice acting industry.

I think I’ll blog this for the lulz. I don’t know how long is this anime.