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We’re back again with more Code Geass. Though Lelouch and the gang are not present, we finally get to know more on European side where they are about to be overrun by Britannia. This is actually one of my qualms back then when R2 was airing. We only know that Britannia conquered most of the European Union territories which later resulted to them joining Lelouch’s United Federation of Nation in R2. Fortunately, this 4-part OVA (or movie) would tell us their side of the story.

It’s too early to like him.

This took place between R1 and R2 where, as we all know, Lelouch is living with his fake memories while C.C. and Kallen are hiding after the failed Black Rebellion and Suzaku is now a part of the Knight of Rounds. The European forces are continuing to build resistence against the Britannian forces. But we all know that, in the end, Suzaku and the Knight of Rounds would wipe them out. And this is what most fans, like myself, are dreading: all those characters in this OVA would meet their end. But I have faith that Sunrise would try to twist their magic by making the two main characters, Akito and Leila, alive.

Possible pairing? Dunno, but it’s Code Geass so, there’s always a pairing!

Of course, we’re told that Akito wants to die. He doesn’t have a family. He doesn’t seemed to care in bringing back the Japanese pride. All he wants is to die and we don’t know why yet. He’s pretty much the darker version of Suzaku. Leila reminds me of Euphie but only more stronger yet she’s being looked down by others because of her Britannian blood. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding this girl and it is speculated that she might have a Geass. The ending credits suggested that when she was young, she met a hooded figure with green hair and this is probably C.C. back then before she got captured by Clovis.

He doesn’t looked like Rolo to me.

There’s also Sayama, Yukiya and Ayano who later join Leila’s squad. And they’re pretty much more competent than Ougi’s resistance cell (though Kallen is only competent member :p). I think this is probably because they’re far away from their homeland and they want their own place. They even disassociated themselves from the Black Knights, who are more on bringing the homeland back.

Oh dear! This cute girl is going to die soon! Fuck you, Suzaku!

We’re also introduced with the European characters but we still don’t know much about them. The ending credits established what they are such as Anna being Leila’s childhood friend.

Too early to like him too. But he’s no Lelouch!

And let’s not forget, Xin Hyuga Xian. He has the same Geass as Lelouch and seems to have a traumatic past like him. Though, it was hinted that he and Akito are somehow related. It would be interesting how these two would meet.

As for the animation, unlike the TV series, it looks good. Though, there’s still the trace of the derpy character designs. The CG battles of the knightmares look kinda weird in my eyes.

Under Geass control. Still curious on who gave him to go frenzy. Possibly Leila.

This OVA is more serious than the TV series. There’s no fanservice, no crazy high school antics and most of the characters are behaving like adults despite their ages. But the feel of Code Geass is still there where the Elevens are still oppressed even by the Europeans and there are those who are trying to make a difference. I think dark tone is trying to set us up for a very tragic end unless Sunrise would try to make some survivors. Suzaku and C.C. would made their appearance in the 2nd OVA which will be out next year. So, yes, we’ll go again in the prolonged agony. Anyway, I’m more interested on how these two would affect the story.