Episode 2 is all about the Zera, asking suggestions on modifying Litchi. All of the suggestions are lame except for Jaibo and Denkaku. Jaibo has censored gore while Denkaku turns Litchi into a Transformer. Well, at least, Denkaku’s idea is brilliant.

As for Episode 3, I have no idea what’s going on other than Denkaku introducing to Zera with some two old guys who seem to be salespersons or something for them to check out Litchi. Zera told them that his robot is powered by the lychee fruit. And when, one of the salespersons tried to feed Litchi with the fruit, the robot bites him and blood comes out from his head like a fountain. Well, the blood looks like grape juice >_< Looks pathetic. Come on, South Park does it better!

Anyway, this anime is very stupid and is trying hard to make everyone laugh. The jokes are not even funny. They’re just too lame. The only thing good about this anime is Zera’s deadpan comments when his members give suggestions. Even though I don’t like Zera in the manga, he seems to be the only sane person who thinks that the whole idea (anime) is ridiculous. I assume that every episode, Zera is bored and has to ask his members on what to do because he thinks this anime is a waste of time.

If you want a better comedy with gore, go watch Happy Tree Friends or South Park. I don’t know if I will continue watching this anime. Maybe after one or two episodes, I’ll drop this.