After the action in episode 1, we get a somewhat peaceful episode where we see how Akane starts her second day as an Inspector.

Being shot in the spine is suffering.

The technology in this anime looks awesome. You can change your clothes wherever you like. But does that work in real life? Also, the Sybil system not only handles the justice area but even the career options which suited you best based on your aptitude test scores. But if you’re a latent criminal (you know, someone who has a potential of becoming one in the future), your choices in life are limited. Kagari, for example, is detected as a latent criminal since five years old and with nowhere else to go, he has to be an Enforcer.

That sucks

The Sybil system isn’t perfect as what is explained in Kagari’s mind. It’s like it’s dictating what kind of life you should have. For example, one of Akane’s friend works in a blue-collar job which suits her abilities and yet, she doesn’t seem happy about it. Unless, you’re indecisive on what to do in your life, then the system is probably right for you. Just be careful of your mental health. Of course, the discussion of free will might come later.

Anyway, I’m just glad Shinya told Akane that she really did the right thing in stopping him from shooting the rape victim. And there’s most heartwarming part where he said that if he’s under her, then, he can do his job as detective who protects people than a hunter who shoots latent criminals. It would be very interesting to know more about his past. Oh, those who kept whining about Akane, you heard Shinya. He approves her!

BTW, there seems to be some lesbian sex between Yayoi and Shion (the scientist). I don’t know about you guys but Yayoi reminds me of another lesbian character from Darker than Black and they both wear suits 🙂 Oh, you know that guy who Masaoka and Akane are chasing in the mall? He also looked like that dude from Genshinken!

Oh, the OP looks awesome! Can’t help but noticed that the part where Shinya is drowing reminds of Kiritsugu, drowing in Fate/Zero OP 2.

I rather have a hanar to remind me of calorie intake.