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You know, I was very indifferent when I first saw the character designs of Mass Effect: Paragon Lost. I mean, come on. This is it? What the hell, Production I.G.? You made great animation like Ghost in the Shell even though you made some sucky storylines like Guilty Crown. But this?

Anyway, seeing the 9 minute clip of the movie which I first saw in ANN is no different. The animation looks terrible. I don’t know but I think most of the skilled people of Production I.G. are much focused on working with Psycho-pass, Robotic; Notes and 009 Re:Cyborg. All of them have high production values (though, I haven’t seen Robotic;Notes yet LOL). So, I guess the guys in Production I.G., “So, we’re making an animated movie of a Western RPG/TPS? Ok, whatever.” I don’t think the Production I.G. staff would care about the animation quality of the movie as long as Funimation and Bioware would give the funds. I mean, the Mass Effect games aren’t exactly popular in Japan.

Srsly, Bioware, if you want to make an animated movie of your games, go to the studio who are responsible in making the Avatar franchise or make it a CGI movie like what Final Fantasy did. Or find a Japanese studio who are 100% dedicated in making a high quality movie. At least, Madhouse slowly learned their lesson after the 4 Marvel anime series with another home video of Iron Man coming up next year, thanks to the popularity of The Avengers in Japan. Really, Bioware, haven’t you learned your lesson from that Dragon Age movie?

BTW, check this review by Bamboo Dong. I don’t agree some of the points most especially on the animation. But as for the story, we’ll find out. Anyone who have played Mass Effect 3 knows how this story would end. Anyway, I would rather rent the movie instead unless you’re a diehard James Vega.

P.S.: If you’re still wondering about my review on Mass Effect 3, I’ll just make it when all the single-player DLCs are out and when everybody stopped bitching about the endings.