Now, the real police thriller had begun and those who love Ghost in the Shell: SAC and other police shows, you gonna love this episode.

Damn, Shinya keeps using the Renegade Interrupts.

The Public Safety Bureau are investigating an “accident” in a robot factory which involves a dismemberment of one of the employees. Apparently, there’s something fishy here. The manager of the factory doesn’t seem to bother the bullying incidents since he thinks this is completely normal and it’s a way for his employees for lower their psycho-pass. Of course, the effect is that this causes the bullied employee to kill his fellow coworkers.

But even though Shinya and the gang caught the culprit, the main perpetrator of this incident (possibly the manager) is scot-free. Of course, Shinya and co. are only there to investigate the murder.

Now, there seems to be some tension between Ginoza and Masaoka. Ginoza obviously sees Enforcers as hunting dogs and doesn’t like that Akane wants to treat them as colleagues, calling her as a fool. Obviously, the tension that Ginoza sterns the fact that he doesn’t like the Enforcers being in charge of the investigation. Again, it would be interesting to know about Ginoza’s history and what made him look down on Enforcers.

Sexy Shinya is putting Kiritsugu and Spike to shame

For the ladies, you’re gonna love Shinya’s workout here in the first minutes. This episode shows how crazy he is. I mean, the way he confronts the culprit shows that he’s going to get the job done. It seems he’s not the typical detective who plays by the rules. He’s a renegade with strokes of paragon. And as Akane describes him at the end of the episode, he’s indeed a carnivore who had cornered his prey. Hmm, I guess the reason he’s a latent criminal is because he does things recklessly and is willing to cross the line.

BTW, whoever is in charge in handling the Psycho-pass wiki,  The Ministry of Welfare Public Safety Bureau Criminal Investigation Department are separate. Ministry of Welfare is obviously a government branch. Public Safety Bureau is an agency under that government branch (like the FBI being under the US Department of Justice). And Criminal Investigation Department is a sub branch of the Public Safety Bureau, where Ginoza and Akane are members. Srsly, do your research on organizations and hierarchy.