Whoa, there are now moving to the main storyline already? This is too good!

One of Akane’s spare time is to talk to random anons with high CC rates.

Anyway, Unit 1 is investigating the disappearance of a guy named Hayama whose avatar is Talisman. Akane finds it odd that given a guy who is missing in 2 months, she manages to talk to him over the net this morning. Shinya thinks that Hayama is murdered and someone is using his avatar. Clearly, the case went into a deeper level where it is revealed that Shinya’s arch nemesis, Shogo Makishima, happens to be involved.

Vicious has arrived!

I had a feeling that Shogo and his buddies are terrorists who want to overthrow the system. Well, Shogo is reading George Orwell’s 1984. They are also serial killers given on how they kill their victims but as Shinya already said they’re lousy in cleaning up. There’s more than meets the eye on what is going on between Shinya and Shogo. Masaoka even mentions that Shinya has stared at the darkness for too long to find justice. Still, we don’t much on Shinya’s past and his relationship with Shogo.

It also seems that Masaoka loves to paint. He seems to know a lot about Ginoza and Shinya. I guess Masaoka used to be an Inspector and a mentor to Ginoza before his Psycho-pass went up. Plus, he also tells Akane that if she wants to more of Shinya’s life, she has to understand his point of view. In other words, increasing your Psycho-pass rate. I’m pretty sure Akane would end up as an Enforcer later on. Given on how Urobuchi breaks down naive and idealistic characters like Saber and Sayaka, it’s very obvious that Akane will end up like them.

Ginoza’s avatar really suits him.

BTW, this episode reminds me of one certain episode of Ghost in the Shell: SAC where Major Motoko Kusanagi enters the net in her avatar, Chroma, in order to investigate the Laughing Man case. And there are a lot of references on Ghost in the Shell like what Kagari mentioned, “A ghost wandering in the net.”

Anyway, there is still a lot of room to cover.