I swear that these episodes are getting shorter. This is only 6 minutes and it’s all about Shouko, searching for her controller. I wonder how long will the next episode be?

How the heck would I play my otome games without my controller?!?!?!?!

So, her controller looked like a PSP and when it got lost, her assistant, Fushimi, reminded her that she should put a GPS on it. Of course, that wil come around later. Shouko thought Koto stole it but the latter had no idea what she’s talking about. Myoue got pissed again because Shouko wrecked his house and ruined lunchtime when she’s accusing Koto. Then, Shouko noticed that a bird took her controller and a wild goose chase happened all around the city with her yakuza thugs gunning down the bird.

Someone doesn’t know how to knock the door

Unfortunataly, the controller looked like an ordinary PSP. So, Fushimi saves the day when he found the controller in the restaurant where he and Shouko had lunch before. Unbeknownst to Shouko, the controller actually has a GPS. So, for all this time, Fushimi knows how to find it but never tells Shouko about it.

Like the boss!

Huh….despite all the craziness that his boss did which also includes beating him up for stupid questions, Fushimi seems to care about her. Well, he doesn’t want her to cause damage again but still, he just let her do her crazy tantrums.

I don’t know if this is just some plain coincidence but the latest manga chapter that I’ve read is all about Shouko too and she was pissed at Koto for stealing the hammer (which Koto claims that she’s borrowing it). And it also happened when Shouko and Fushimi are outside of their hideout.

Anyway, it’s a fun episode. I guess these episodes would divulge more on the characters and probably give more information about the setting.