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pixiv fanart courtesy of ジンベー

I’ll be honest. I haven’t seen the trailer yet because Funimation only let people in North America view it! 😡 So, I have no idea what the English dub sounds like! Anyway, seeing the cast, I barely know them except for Todd Haberkorn.

-Known as Kaori (Shiki), Yomi (Ga-Rei Zero), Moka (Rosario + Vampire). I can’t find a voice sample. But I found an interview of her and she’s really like Nana Mizuki, personality-wise. I wonder if the dubs are going to keep the singing….

-Known as Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara) and Axton (Borderlands 2)! OMG! O_O This guy is going to voice this sick bastard?! Yeah, I know this guy is very talented. You can hear his voice sample from Borderlands 2 (skip to 1:10 since the first minutes are grunts of pain XD). Of course, Fumito is not going to sound like Axton or Masamune. Can’t imagine him saying, “You fellas meet the missus?” or “PUT YA GUNS ON!”

-Known as Keel (Rebuild of Evangelion movies). Don’t know what he sounds like. But the weird thing is that he’s already listed to play as Tadayoshi before the official announcement.

-Known as Jennifer Sato ([C]) and Maya (Borderlands 2). Another familiar voice! She really fits as Yuka who has some spunk. You can listen to her voice sample from Borderlands 2.

-Known as England (Hetalia) and Masakaki ([C]). Really fits the description after hearing his voice.

-Known as Romeo (Romeo x Juliet) and Toru (Shiki). Again, he fits the role.

-Known as Ruka (Steins; Gate) and Shion (Darker than Black Season 2). She also starred in some horror teen webseries called Throwing Stones. Hmm, maybe her acting from that show would really fit here.

-Known as Caterina (Trinity Blood) and Trisha Elric (both version of Fullmetal Alchemist). I tried looking for her voice sample in youtube but there’s none.

  • Dog- Todd Haberkorn

-No further comments! I knew Funimation wouldn’t failed us in getting Watanuki’s voice actor to play the role of the Dog! XD XD

Anyway, these guys better act perfectly in this anime. They didn’t announce the cast for the movie yet obviously. But I have made a list of those who are possible to be in the movie…..one of it is Troy Baker 🙂