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It’s a good thing Fall 2012 has a lot of good shows. I really want to watch Zetsuen no Tempest and Kamisama Hajimemashita. But sadly, I can only handle 4-5 shows at a time. Plus, there are a lot of finished shows which are on a backload.

  • Psycho-pass– I love this anime! Written by the legendary Gen Urobuchi, this became one of my favorite shows for 2012. But since it’s a 2 cour show, this will be included in the 2013 list. Anyway, I really love the premise here. A police story mixed with elements of psychology and cyberpunk, this is the story which I really like. I’m starting to like the characters and eager to learn them more. But, of course, Gen is ready to mess them up. Anyone who loves Ghost in the Shell and police procedural stories, you should watch this.

  • Shin Sekai Yori– I know the character design turns off some people. But not to worry, these kids are not trying to make themselves cute. It tells about a group of young people who have psychic powers in the future where modernization is extinct. By then, there are also strange humanoid creatures around which probably result to the experimentation of psychics back then. This anime is really mysterious. It’s confusing at first, but with all the clues set up, you probably know that this would be a post-apocalyptic survival show. Oh, word of advice if you’re planning to watch this: don’t look at the synopsis of the manga and novel in myanimelist because it’s a spoiler. Srsly, DON’T LOOK.