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  • K- This is one of the most hyped shows this season where there’s fanservice for everyone. But….this anime doesn’t seem to hook up me up with this. Sure, the story looks interesting: Seven groups are fighting each other and two groups are after one guy who is accused of killing a boy who was a member of the other. But the characters do not interest me and, honestly, there isn’t one which I like. Even though they have all-star cast with some of my favorite voice actors, there’s nothing. No, the anime is not boring. The comedy is great and I laughed at the jokes but still, this anime doesn’t excite me. Maybe in a few episodes I might get to like this.

  • Code:Breaker- I’m very disappointed that this would have 13 episodes and yet, there’s tons of material to adapt. I mean, come on! Ao no Exorcist have 25 episodes but lacks the source material but Code:Breaker is only a 1 cour?! What gives!? Anyway, since I’ve read the manga two years ago, I don’t remember if this adaptation is loyal to the source. Sakura is still annoying even in the manga, she’s still like that. She’s the only annoying element here. But for the rest, it’s awesome! Nobuhiko Okamoto really plays Ogami’s voice well which made me like him more. And the OP and ED looked awesome.

BTW, I’ve dropped Litchi De Hikari Club after episode 4. This anime is only meant for those who are huge fans of the manga. If you haven’t read the manga, then, you’ll really be confused and frustrated about this anime. Honestly, some of the jokes aren’t funny. They’re lame!

Anyway, I haven’t seen the latest Winter 2013 chart yet. But, as always, the next season would be boring. Good thing that Psycho-pass and Shin Sekai Yori are airing until March 2013. I’m actually looking forward to BD release of the movies. For now, there are two Winter shows which caught my interest: Hakkenden and Cuticle Tantei Inaba. Still waiting for the Hanayaka OVA and Mass Effect: Paragon Lost but I think subs would be delayed for Hanayaka since it generated a lack of interest.