Before there are spoilers going around in tumblr regarding this episode. Most of them were confirmed except the part where there’s high animation quality >_>

Poor, poor Shinya 😦

Anyway, I’m not surprised that Shinya used to be an inspector which explains how good he is in investigating. But I’m surprised that he used to be Ginoza’s partner. Well, there’s a lack of interaction between in the earlier episodes except the part where Ginoza got angry in episode 3. It’s only here where their interaction looked civil and Ginoza doesn’t seem to be irritated.

Akane and Masaoka, having a nice discussion on Rosseau

But there’s also Masaoka who Ginoza has some beef with. There are a lot of theories regarding Masaoka and Ginoza’s relationship. But I guess that Masaoka might be the reason for Shinya’s downfall to being an Enforcer. Maybe he screwed up with the case that Shinya is investigating (probably the case about Shogo) and Ginoza blamed him for that which he does want to be personally involved with Enforcers.

Someone has been taking too much LSD

Even though, this episode dedicates in capturing Spooky Boogie’s killer, we get to understand why Ginoza is so harsh. He had seen his partner’s downfall due to his obssession on the case and now, he doesn’t want to Akane to repeat the same mistake again. Oh….since Ginoza and Shinya used to be partners…… the shipping of these two has commenced! XD XD XD All right, enough fangirling XD XD I really want to see these guys’ backstories. I bet it would be really tragic just like Homura’s and Kiritsugu’s backstories. Well, yeah, Urobuchi loves tragedy!

The way this line is delivered with Talisman’s avatar is too perfect.

Oh, about Shogo, I really hope to see another confrontation between him and Shinya (and probably Ginoza or Akane). This guy maybe the main antagonist. But since this is cyberpunk setting, there’s probably more who are like him.