Yup, I was right. These episodes are getting shorter. So, episode 3 is only 7 minutes.

“Hmm, a new episode of Kyousogiga?”

I think these episodes are to tell about the characters and the setting instead of the plot. I mean, episode 1 is all about Koto’s past while episode 2 is about Shouko’s reckless behavior. Now this episode is about Yase.

This episode looks unique where it’s more of a documentary style. One of Yase’s demons are recording an annual Spring Cleaning where the residents throw away their useless things and let it float on the sky. All those objects went into some Station. Why they are sent there isn’t answered. But hey, it looks cool.

Anyway, there’s a certain incident during the Spring Cleaning where Koto and Shouko worked together to save a girl who is nearly floated away because she refuses to let go of her plushie. It’s a good thing that these two are not fighting each other for a meantime. Well, there’s nothing to fight about. They just to help someone in need.

Picking one’s trash

Now, as for Yase, it seems that she can go Incredible Hulk when she didn’t like something. And by the looks of it, some of her stuff came from the objects thrown during Spring cleaning. Well, this episode indeed tell us that Yase’s stuff are second-hand. LOL. Maybe her dress is also second-hand.

I think these episodes are a prelude to the main storyline. Hopefully, the next episodes might tell us about Myoue and Lady Koto