Well, there’s no high school infiltration yet. Of course, those are the early spoilers. It’s probably in the next episode where Shinya and the gang would infiltrate and investigate the school.

He’s lost to me.

We finally learned that Shinya’s downfall is due to the Specimen case where his Enforcer, Sasayama, was brutally killed. And it seems that Sasayama is a good friend of Shinya. This explains why Ginoza doesn’t want to be too emotionally attached to Enforcers.

Still worried about his partner. D’aaawww~!

But still, Ginoza is good terms with Shinya and is very concerned about his obsessions. It somehow indicated that Ginoza subconsciously didn’t follow his own belief with Enforcers. I mean, he still views Shinya as the man who used to be his partner and not a “hunting dog”. However, he’s warned by the Chief that he may end up as a latent criminal too if he’s not careful just like his dad. BTW, some fans are speculating if Masaoka is his “dad” and I had a feeling that it might be true given how their relationship is shown in episode 3.

Shogo seems to be the instigator for the crimes that were committed in the past episodes. He still gives the vibes of a revolutionary who wants to test how long would the Sibyll System maintain society and how far would the people working with the system take it mentally. He won the first round when Shinya’s Crime Coefficient went up and demoted him into a latent criminal. And now, he continues to do it. But still, his motive is still unclear as to why he’s helping them commit heinous crimes.

I bet Urobuchi is a fan of Dexter and Rikako Oryo’s methods plus the Specimen case reminds me of the Doomsday Killer in Season 6. Except that Oryo is inspired by Shakespere’s Titus Andronicus and probably doing it for the sake of art since she’s an art student.

Akane wonders if Chief Director Motohiro is lying about this show not being moe unless his definition of moe is different.

And with regards to Akane, Ginoza still sees that she really needs to catch up. I think what’s lacking in Akane is that she needs more initiative. This is what most employers are looking into job applicants. You may have the skills, the training, the education but if you lack initiative then, you’re doing a mediocre job. This explains why, for example,  some call center agents tend to quit not because of the pressure from clients or the time schedule. They felt that they’re not doing a good job for the company. Even if the Sibyl System gives the right job for you, you think that you’re not doing it right and this possibly stressed you out. Again, my belief that the Sibyl System is imperfect is back and I could tell that it’s becoming a double-edged sword. With Shogo’s activities going around, I think in the later episodes, it would be more chaotic.