This anime is becoming sicker and more disturbing. Well, nothing is more disturbing than Criminal Minds and Dexter.

“Interesting. You got hotter by the minute.”

So, we’re given more information about the flaws of the Sybil System and the society. Makishima pointed out that the real cause of Rikako’s father’s death is hidden from society. Rikako’s father was suffering from eustress deficiency and, well, this term only exists in the Psycho-pass world. Eustress is positive stress which motivates you to do at your best. Ever since the Sybil System came, his career ended.  A lot of us, viewers, think that the system  is improving the person’s mental health by giving them the right job etc. But it makes them overly dependent on it, relying on machines to help them what to do in life. Makishima has made it clear that the system is slowly destroying autonomy. They’re becoming like machines that programmed to be told and when their emotions got out of control, the Sybil System dictates on what to do with them.

It seems people like Cho Gu-Seong and Rikako adore Makishima. This guy, whether you disagree or not, is really an anarchist. He knows what human nature is like and sees that the system is controlling the person’s autonomy. Of course, this guy isn’t a hero or a saint. It would be interesting what his confrontation with Shinya would be like. Of course, Shinya wants Makishima to pay for Sasayama’s death. But for a villain like Makishima, I’m sure he might sprout his ideals and conspiracies to him and convince him to join or something. Well, we haven’t seen Shinya’s opinion about the Sybil system so, probably, he might be immune to Makishima’s ideals and would regard him as a manipulative scumbag.

Unit 1 better save her. If not, then Aaron Hotchner, Mac Taylor and Horatio Caine are going to be disappointed.

Anyway, it seems the student, Kagami Kawarazaki, might be the next victim. I hope Unit One would get to rescue her soon. In the interview from the scriptwriter, he regarded the unit as “useless”. Well, Ginoza is only doing managerial work and Akane is only concerned with Kougami’s past. The real detective work is only done by the Enforcers who, of course, know the criminal mind better. And with Kougami out of the case, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ginoza would actually ask for his help in the end. He kept saying that Kougami’s report is “delusional”. But what if it’s jealousy? Maybe he’s jealous that Kougami is a good detective and that, he’s below him. I mean, Kougami is a skilled detective and we haven’t seen Ginoza do actual detective work. Maybe when Kougami was still an Inspector, he’s training Ginoza. And when he got demoted, Ginoza was left hanging on what to do.

What’s more disturbing? This painting or The Scream?

BTW, some people might think that Makishima is talking to Ginoza’s dad. But they’re wrong. This guy’s name is Toyohisa Senguji (voiced by Katsumi Cho) and I don’t know if he’s in Makishima’s league or just an observer. And, who would guess that you can even disguise yourself as a girl? LOL. Well, it’s much for effective that buying a wig and a mask and put on some fake boobs. LOL.