He’s smiling. He’s really smiling *faints*

This episode demonstrates how awesome Shinya is. It seems that he’s the only one who figured out that Rikako is the killer with the clues laid down to him and with some profiling. Plus, he knew a few people who have good knowledge on art and other fields and these people happened to have a high Crime Coefficient. Well, I guess he is the only person who does the actual detective work.

Shogo is waiting for the One. XD XD

Shogo, on the other, seems to be looking for someone who could entertain him. When he heard that Rikako is now a suspect for the murders, he knew that he couldn’t keep her around just like Midou and probably the original killer from the Specimen case. I bet he’s looking for someone who is cunning to hide his tracks and shares the same interests as him just like Chou Gu-Seng and that old guy with the hunting rifle. But now, he lays his eyes on Shinya and this is probably where the main conflict will set. Well, at least, he sent a recording to Shinya just to agitate him. This is becoming like Holmes vs. Moriarty.

So, these guys are criminals? That’s too sad.

I’m interested on what would Shogo do to Shinya…..unless you’re thinking something dirty LOL. I doubt Shinya would want to join Shogo’s crazy revolutionary bullcrap as we already have seen in the beginning of episode 1. He’s too invested with Sasayama’s death. But again, Shogo would mess him up with all the ideals and made Shinya question about the Sybill system and the society that they’re in. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shinya rebels against the system. This is a cyberpunk story after all.

Finally, Yayoi got more screentime!

With the exception from Masaoka, I think everyone in Unit 1 are not good detectives. Nevermind with Akane and Ginoza since they’re only good in management not investigation. As for Kagari and Yayoi, well….Idk, since we don’t much about them. But most of them are only good in gathering evidence not putting them together to make a connection. I’m disappointed that one of the girls, Kagami, already ended up dead. Well, it seems the administration from the girls’ school have no idea that they have a killer in their area since this is where they kept their Psycho-pass levels in check.

In the end, Shogo has finally found the One. And his name is Shinya.

Looks like this episode finally set the main conflict. Oh, and the ending looks more awesome. Pretty much, the Shinya vs. Shogo storyline has finally begun.