I’ve read a comment in Random Curiosity blog that Shinya and Akane are akin to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson and Makishima as Professor Moriarty. Given how much the last episode has passed which means we’re already near the showdown between Shinya and Makishima.

Anyway, Shinya brings Akane to his professor, Jouji Saiga, who is an expert in criminal psychology. Saiga is more of the old school type who doesn’t seem to rely on technology, given the fact that it got him out of the job on the first place. The way he observes Akane by determining her place of birth, her relationship with her family and their reaction to her job as an Inspector is something which bugs me. It’s true that a lot of people think that psychologists can read minds. But Saiga’s way of observing is similar to Holmes’. Sure, we, psychologists, can know your background by observing your verbal and non-verbal cues and your surroundings. But how Saiga determined Akane’s background is something unbelievable. Again, this professor has probably seen  a lot. It seems that he’s from the generation who has born before the Sybil System is established.

Since the car is on auto-driving, it makes me wonder if Akane’s generation know how to drive….

Which brings us to how society in this anime changed before the system. It seems that the education system has changed a lot when the Sybil system started. Saiga was out from the job when it was revealed that his lectures made some of his students’ Psycho-pass rates cloudy. And it explains why his subject on criminal profiling is outdated. But Shinya requests him to give Akane a crash course on it just to prepare when Makishima strikes again.

Kiss…..KISS!!!! KISS HIM NOW!!!! XD XD

However, Ginoza isn’t happy with it despite that he apologizes to Shinya about Makishima’s existence. Apparently, Ginoza is too overprotective. If so, then, why did you have to pair Akane with Shinya and Masaoka in the first place? Yeah, these guys are latent criminals but they’re experts and yet, you assigned Akane with them so that they could help her gain more work experience. And now, you’re telling Shinya “not to bring her to his problems”? Come on, Ginoza, she needs to learn the tricks and trade as a detective not as a babysitter to Enforcers. I mean, look who’s talking? You’re pretty much a babysitter yourself.

*puts on shades and crosses arms* Deal with it, haters! You think she’s useless but she has guts!

Whether you like it or not, I really like how Akane stood up to herself that she chose to take Saiga’s criminal profiling course so that she could be an effective detective in the future. She prove her point to Ginoza that she needs to learn more as a detective than sitting around and doing nothing.

Kagari doesn’t care about the fight and eats jellybeans instead. LOL

But Ginoza does have some valid reasons. We already know that his dad is labelled as a latent criminal and yet, he’s a detective. And I’m sure that Masaoka is really Ginoza’s dad. He seems to know more of Ginoza than anyone else and yet, he even calls  him by his first name. It seems Ginoza is more on protecting himself and the people around him from becoming victims of the Sybil system. Apparently, this already caused too much conflict in his part since his dad and his partner are already latent criminals and his overprotectiveness to Akane pretty much broke his comfort zone. And it explains why he’s not really a good detective. He’s afraid of taking risks which is falling into the darkness where his dad and Shinya had already been through.

His face is so stiff. It’s hard to punch him.

On the villain side, we learn that the hunter, Toyohisa Senguji, is a cyborg and a pioneer in cyborg technology. All of his body parts are artificial except for his brain and nervous system. And despite his stance in achieving immortality, his mind has already worn out and now, he’s in Makishima’s circle. But how does he keep himself calm? By hunting which even more disturbing that he converted the bones of his prey into smoking pipes. And now, Makishima gives him a new target which is, of course, Shinya.

LOL. It means that Shogo’s in love!

Well, this is a very interesting episode where we get to know more of Akane and Ginoza. I know some people want more action but I’m sure that in the next episodes, we’re heading to something big. And yeah, there are spoilers for epi 10 and 11 in /a/. Some of the spoilers in /a/ slowly became true .