This episode is amazing. Not only that, Makishima’s plan to toy Shinya has already started. No doubt that the next episode would really turn the story around.

Akane’s friend, Yuki, was kidnapped and used as bait to lure Shinya into Senguji’s trap. I’m also so amazed that Shinya used his instincts (lame pun) to avoid Senguji’s attack dogs and did everything he could to communicate the rest of his team. It’s also funny that he asked Yuki to take off her clothes and then, underwear so he can find the antenna.

“Look, son, didn’t I tell not be an ass to everyone?”

Though, I’m disappointed on Ginoza. It seems that he reached into douchebag level where he quickly assumes that Shinya is running away and blames Akane for this. It even takes into a further level where he wants to use the Dominator on Shinya. But, again, did really mean that? He’s Shinya’s former partner and knew that he’s just doing his job. He knew Makishima exists…..and now, he thinks that Shinya is going renegade.

But then,I could say that Ginoza is really a bad mentor here. He’s too hung up on the Sybil System. Well, yeah, he keeps telling Akane to draw a line between herself and the Enforcers because it would affect her Psycho-pass and would repeat history just like what had happened with Shinya and Sasayama. But then, he’s now putting Akane down with the intention of having Shinya on Sybil’s judgment. I’m sure that later, he will realize that there’s something wrong with system or that he will fall into a mindless pawn for the system which, I think, he will go into great lengths into executing his own Enforcers.

Anyway, it’s great that Daddy Masaoka reminded Ginoza that he’s going too far by picking him up and tossing him over the machine. Yeah, don’t mess with Daddy. I know this might be another clue for the Masaoka=Ginoza’s dad theory since he didn’t hit him. Maybe slapping might be acceptable in a traditional sense. But I’ve read from others that he might be a colleague of Ginoza’s dad or an uncle. Still, I’m boarding on the Masaoka=Ginoza’s dad theory.

“End of the world? Bitch, please! I’ve already started it!”

And what’s more awesome is that Shinya finally communicates with his team. So, now, the real twist is about to begin in the next episode. And judging by the spoiler, it’s going to be a tragedy. Well, I’m not sure that someone will lose his/her head but definitely, next week will really be a “doomsday” for this anime. Coincidentally, episode 11 is going aired to a few minutes before the “dreaded” Dec. 21, 2012. So, yeah, this might be the last anime that we’re ever going to watch before the world ends. LOL.