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Though I never liked Guilty Crown, I still love EGOIST. Back then, a lot of people would assume that Inori would show up in the anime. But I guess ryo would want the band to stand alone and separate itself from Guilty Crown. So, now, it seems we’re recognizing Chelly as the lead singer not Inori.

The music video is very weird. There’s a stereotypical otaku guy who is using the search engine and watching this music video. And then, he starts screaming or something when the coda is played. There are also some people walking in the streets, trying to look cool and emo. And there’s also this guy in some bondage gear who is screaming and shaking as if he’s having a seizure near the end of the video. I don’t know what is up with this video but it seems that it fits the lyrics.

For fans of this anime, the lyrics really fit the situation among the main protagonists, Shinya and Akane. This song is very meaningful and it fits the atmosphere of the anime.