A bit late but I’m surprised that the fourth episode is 12 minutes long. And it’s all about Myoue. Probably, the next episode might be about Lady Koto.

It turns out the Myoue is a title for a monk residing in the Mirror City of Kyoto. Strangely enough, the current Myoue ended up looking like his master who eerily has Akira Ishida as his voice actor. It’s probably coincidence.

Can anyone tell me who is that guy in the bunny suit?!

But we’re given a more in-depth view of the current Myoue who seems to be waiting for his master’s return. His two colleagues from the Triumvirate, Yase and the old monk, draw similarities with him to the famous dog, Hachiko. You know who Hachiko is. If you don’t watch that Richard Gere movie. But Yase criticizes that the story is so dumb and assumes that the dog actually wants to die so he can be with his master. Well, whether you agree or not, Yase is a demon so this is her opinion.

I’m on highway to hell~

This episode also tries to tease that there’s something between Koto and Myoue. I’m not talking about romance here. But there’s a scene where the young Myoue gives an apple to the younger Koto. So, probably, this might explain why Myoue is so protective to Koto during the very first OVA. It’s possible that he’s similar to Koto’s situation: wanting to be with their close ones. For Koto, it’s her parents and Inari and for Myoue, it’s his master. And despite for being a jerk to her and her brothers, Myoue does care about Koto in a brotherly way. Well, maybe not in the same level as Inari.

It’s also nice to know that Koto reveals the origin of her brothers’ name, “A” and “Un”. “Beginning” and “End”. Maybe the end of her old life and the beginning of the new life. And there’s also the part about the train with all the second-hand stuff that we’ve last seen in Episode 3. Someone in MAL assumed that these things would be delivered to Lady Koto and the credits showed us a train track in another dimension where presumably Lady Koto stayed.

Anyway, the last episode would be coming this week. Hopefully, it might be longer with more insights on the story.