The end is nigh! Urobuchi stikes again! I’m watching this episode on Dec. 21, 2012 and indeed, Akane’s world has met doomsday! And it’s really a coincidence because this episode really changed her life.

Masaoka is really a daddy to all stubborn Inspectors and Enforcers.

But first, let’s just admire how awesome Shinya is when he defeated Senguji. Senguji seems to embrace his death and died like a true warrior XD XD Really, “Ode to Joy” sounds fitting….and weird. Then, I really have to facepalm Yuki’s reaction after this that she wants to be a latent criminal. There are some hilarious moments too like Masaoka headbutting Shinya when the latter wanted to chase Makishima with Akane and Kagari, admitting not watching the news.

I’d never realized that Akane is ambidextrous.

However, the biggest moment of them all is Akane’s confrontation with Shogo. The latter reveals that he has a pure white Psycho-pass since birth and when he does something sinister…..such as cutting the hair of a distressed woman and later, slitting her throat!……it lowers down until to zero. Yep, this shows that Shogo is a sociopath: a person who lacks empathy and conscience and yet, commits crime without any guilt. You got examples of these in various media such as Seishirou Sakurazukamori of Tokyo Babylon, Johan Liebert of Monster, The Joker and Lord Voldermort. Of course, there are famous sociopaths in our society. If a bunch of these guys appeared in the Psycho-pass world, good luck with that MWPSB! Of course, Shogo’s is one but I’m guessing there are a lot more like him in the future episodes.

You know it would be good if they changed the name “Psycho-pass” into “Socio-pass” but that sounds so wrong.

This is one of the biggest flaws of the Sibyl System. And probably, everybody is going to have a field day with this. For Akane’s handling of the situation, it’s understandable and it fits her character. She never kills a person before and she’s only told to do it by Sibyl’s judgment. However, she never encounters a sociopath who is an anomaly in the system and yet, freely commits crimes with ease. It’s not easy in dealing people like Shogo. Unless you have a pretty good knowledge of the criminal mind, you can do with ease. However, Akane is still studying it but her naiveness caused her the life of her best friend and now, the price has been paid. This is Urobuchi’s signature after all. He tortures the idealistic characters by shoving the dark side of reality into their faces which makes them difficult to go back into their feet ever again. I would imagine that if Ginoza is in her shoes, that poor guy would cry over Daddy Masaoka’s shoulder. But if Shinya is in that situation, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill Makishima since he has a personal vendetta with him.

Her world has ended…

With this outcome, Unit One is now dealing with the biggest threat in the lives. Questions would be coming out soon regarding the Sibyl System. I’m sure this is going to be a big slap on Ginoza’s face since he would realize that they’re dealing this anomaly that cannot be judged by the system. As for Akane, her situation is now like Madoka’s and I’m looking forward on how would this change her entirely. Maybe they should junk the Dominator and get assault rifles XD