Aww….this is the last?! Well, yeah, I’m hoping for a full length TV series soon.

Lady Koto wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

This 7 minute episode is actually a music video on how the Mirror City of Kyoto is created. The monk, who is the current Myoue’s master, is the creator. He first created Lady Koto who later turned out to be real and then, together, they created Kurama, Yase, Inari and everyone else. There also seems to be a love story between them because later on, Lady Koto was holding a baby in her arms while viewing the moon. I suspect that this baby is probably Koto which would make sense.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the monk is the father of that baby.

In the original OVA, Kurama, Yase and the current Myoue admire Lady Koto because she’s their mother and creator. Well, co-creator if you put that. However, Myoue is indifferent with their plans on getting the young Koto since he actually met Lady Koto firsthand when he was a kid and knew that Koto and Lady Koto are not the same person. Also, this explains why Koto and her brothers are looking for the Black Rabbit aka Lady Koto. The current Myoue doesn’t have the same powers as his master (who is probably dead and gone) so, Lady Koto, creator almighty, is their only ticket way out from the Mirror City and to their home in the real world. I assume Myoue’s master is also from the real world.

Though there are still a lot of things that needs to be answered like if the current Myoue is also created by his master, Inari’s departure and other stuff. The last lines of this episode hint that there might be more. So, bring it on! Oh, did I mentioned that there’s a beautiful song played throughout the episode? I really want to know who the singer is.