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It’s time to say goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013. To start off, I’ll show my top 10 favorite OP of the year. Well, most of them are carryovers from 2011 but I’ve included them here since their series ended in March 2012 and they’re not part of 2011 list. Sadly enough, the OPs of those animes that would be carried over in 2013 will not be part of the list. The ED list will coming tomorrow.

1. Tsuritama OP (“Tsurezure Monochrome” by Fujifabric)

2. Guilty Crown OP 2 (“The Everlasting Guilty Crown” by EGOIST)

3. Persona 4 OP 1 (“sky’s the limit” by Shihoko Hirata)

4. Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle OP 1(“Brain Diver” by May’n)

5. Fate/Zero OP 2 (“To the beginning” by Kalafina)

6. Guilty Crown OP 1 (“My Dearest” by Supercell)

7. Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle OP 2 (“Now or Never” by Nano)

8. K OP (“Kings” by Angela)

9. Nisemonogatari OP 2 (“marshmallow justice” by Eri Kitamura)

10. Sakamichi no Apollon OP (“Sakamichi no Melody” by YUKI)