Personally, 2012 is lackluster. Well, yeah, I didn’t watch some of the hyped shows (Sword Art Online, Aquarion Evol, AKB0048, Kuroko no Basket, Hyouka Kokoro Connect etc.)and majority of the Shoujo shows. Maybe because I nitpick too much, my tastes changed overtime or I’m too busy with personal life, video games (I blame Mass Effect and Borderlands 2 for this) and tumblr. I mean, 3 from the list are carryovers from 2011 and the other 3 will end on 2013.

So, yeah, Psycho-pass, Shin Sekai yori and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure would not be on the 2012 list and instead be part of 2013. And I regret not including Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon and Jormungund in this list since I didn’t complete watching their 1st seasons.

I’ll admit. I’ve never watched Fate/stay night or played the games. My best friend keeps recommending me this but I’d never gotten around to try it. So, I watched this show and then read the original novel. And it’s amazing. Sure, it has the overly long dialogue which most people don’t like but when reading the novel and watching the anime at the same time, it makes you appreciate the plot. I really respect Gen Urobuchi for being a great writer.

Ok. I know some people are disappointed of this show because of various reasons (e.g. Mizushima, the director of Blood-C, is in charge here or it’s like Final Destination). But the suspense is very intense. Plus, there’s also the manga adaptation which I’ve read. And pretty much, it’s an enjoyable show. But it would be better if Mizushima would stick to comedy instead. Suspense is really not his forte.

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle
I might be the odd ball here unlike majority of the anime bloggers out there. Phi Brain has an interesting concept with interesting characters. The 1st season really shows how intense it is. But the 2nd season seemed to drop the ball considering that there’s a change of staff. However, as a whole, it’s a very enjoyable show despite its problems.

Fishing and aliens? Put them together and you got Tsuritama. Yeah, some people find fishing boring but it’s enjoyable when you got the aliens Yuki and his sister, Coco. Plus, it has an interesting cast which has some slight BL hints.

Thermae Romae
Hehe. I’m going to watch the live-action soon when the BD is out. Despite the animation, this anime is very interesting and educational. Well, you can disagree on the “educational” part.

It’s an okay adaptation of the manga. Yeah, I know they crammed 3 story arcs into 13 episodes and skip some character development. But at least, they skip the unnessecary drama and have Kouga get more involved in Jin’s story. However, I really don’t like how the show ended because it looked like a bad version of The Dark Knight’s ending. Unless this one will get a second season and pull a The Dark Knight Rises rendition, then, I would be happy.

Kyousogiga 2
Despite its short length, Kyousogiga is entertaining and colorful. And with these 5 episodes, you get to see some of the characters’ stories. I’m very sure that there would be more these soon and I’m hoping for a full length TV series. But please, don’t end up like Black Rock Shooter.

Uhm…I’ll be honest. It has a cool visuals but the story is all over the place. It’s not surprising that there would be a season 2. Of course, those who are surprised are those who don’t like this show. I’ll admit that majority of the characters are not interesting. Until the end of the last episode, I only managed to find one and that it’s Shiro. XD XD

Luckily, I’ve watched Bakemonogatari this year so I won’t get lost with the characters. It’s not as good as the first one since they focused too much on Karen’s arc. But I like the new characters and even Subaru who used to be silent in Bakemonogatari.

Persona 4 the Animation
Though I haven’t played the game yet, fans of it confirmed that this is one of the best video game adaptations. Sure, new viewers would get alienated with this one.

Sakamichi no Apollon
Before this one got aired, this is in everybody’s watchlist because two reasons: the Yoko Kanno and Shinichirou Watanabe tandem and the return of the noitamina which has been plagued by otaku crap. However, when this got aired, it caused some division. Well, at least, there’s one lesson to be learned before watching an anime: never forget to look at the synopsis or the source material. Oh, my take on this show? It’s an okay adaptation.

Humanity has Declined
It’s a good show. But there are some parts which are boring.  At least, the female lead made the anime interesting with her comments.

Code: Breaker
I do enjoy the cast, the visuals and the music. I really like the voice acting of Nobuhiko Okamoto and Subaru Himura who played Ogami and Heike respectively. But the story and the character? It’s like Ao no Exorcist again. I really don’t like what they did to Sakura’s character here in which they made her super annoying. Damn it, how many times would she keep saying “Ogami” most especially in the final 2 episodes? Is she trying to break the record for screaming the male lead’s name with Orihime?

Recorder to Randeseru
At first, I enjoy this. However, the downside is that they keep repeating the same gag over and over again which is Atsushi getting mistaken as a pedophile. Well, you have to hold your suspension of belief here.

Natsuyuki Rendevous
This anime would be interesting if it wouldn’t stay so much on the part where Atsushi possesses Hazuki’s body and the latter spends his time in another place. I haven’t seen the manga yet. But I really don’t like that body possession part which took up majority of the show’s half. It would have been better if this adapted in a live-action form.

Inu x Boku SS
Despite its all-star cast, this anime is boring. Plus the characters, with the execption of Sugitan’s character, are annoying. Most especially the female and male leads. They’re like Edward and Bella (and Christian and Anastasia). Ugh. But, yeah, I’ve heard that there’s a big plot twist in the manga where it really changed the story. However, I don’t think I’m ever going to read it. I just wish the director of this anime wouldn’t divulged too much on the  female lead’s trivial problem (e.g. asking the male lead for tea). I mean, come on, just get on with it.

Guilty Crown
Ah yes, “Guilty Crown”. A newly innovated anime which has an interesting cast and concept. We have dismissed that claim. You know, the story would have been interesting if you don’t throw too much mythical bullshit in it most especially that it really has nothing to do with the story. But on the plus side, it has a nice character design and awesome music. And yes, I rather like EGOIST not being associated with this anime when Psycho-pass rolled in.

Black Rock Shooter
Why did this thing exist? I mean, this is nothing more that stupid soap opera coated with Vocaloids in it. Goddamnit, whenever I’ve watched this anime, it reminded me of those cliched soap operas that are shown in my country which are full of slapping, screaming, crying and other cliches! Goddamn abomination!