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Well, Fall 2012 has wrapped up its last airing before New Year while its two-cour shows (Psycho-pass, Shin Sekai Yori and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) went on a break. So, yes, I’ll only give my final impressions of K and Code:Breaker.

  • K– Now this one really bugged me. I asked myself why I’m not so much attached to this show unlike my friends in the aarinfantasy forums and tumblr. Yeah, sure, the story is all over the place but I do like it. However, some of the background of the characters are covered in the manga and novels which I’ve never read. Idk if this is some sort of technique for the producers to say “buy this so you can understand the story”. I mean, come on! I do like the Star Wars movies even though I didn’t read the expanded universe. But why is it that this anime failed to grab my attention? It’s because of the characters. I mean, I’ll be really honest: there seem to be a lack of progress and development with these characters. I think the only characters who have reached this level is Kuroh. And I like how his views to Shiro changed. The others are just stagnant.

  • Code:Breaker– I’m very angry at this. Despite what some sakuga fans say that the director did an amazing job on the animation(well, they’re more in the visual aspect not the content :P), this anime left a lot of questions and ruined the characterization. Sakura is super annoying and they ruined Ogami’s characterization. Honestly, Hitomi isn’t really an interesting villain and has only one minor importance to the main plot in the manga. Yeah, there might be a second season where “the one being sought”/Code:Seeker arc is introduced which is my favorite arc. But the damage is done because they introduced Rui and Yuki too early. Biggest offense here is putting Yukihina who is not supposed to appear in the Hitomi arc. It’s ashamed that this is directed by the guy who wonderfully did FMA:Brotherhood. Plus, they should have made  25 episodes since there’s a lot of material. I’m not looking forward for the second season if there is and even though they might do my favorite arc. Oh, about the OVAs, they’re just omakes and slice-of-life stuff from the manga. If I were you, read the manga.

Anyway, I hope 2013 is a good year for some more anime with potential. Spring 2013 seemed to have a lot of action-packed animes but I haven’t made any plans on what to watch yet. I’m still looking forward for the BD releases of Blood-C:The Last Dark and Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning. Also, I’m excited for the new games that would be released this year.

Til then.