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All right, I didn’t planned to blog this initially. But after seeing the first episode and with my bias for the main character’s voice actor, I decided to blog this series. BTW, I didn’t watch or read the original series, so yeah, I might get lost with the terms used in this anime. But the mangaka suggested that you can still watch it without looking into the original series.

So what I know about the series is that there are three middle-school aged girls with ESP who belong to crime-fighting organization in a world where people with said ESP powers are discriminated. Yeah, it sort of sounds like X-Men. And this anime focuses on the main antagonist from the original series, Kyousuke Hyobu, and his group, PANDRA, which is like Magneto’s group.

Whoever did the anime character designs probably worked with Code Geass before.

Anyway, Hyobu seemed to be too powerful and awesome even that he’s actually 80 years old! The guy is sort of a walking time bomb who can blast anyone out of the way if they messed with him and his fellow mutants espers. Particularly in this episode where he lets himself get captured by the military so he can save one of his members. There’s also another character named Andy, who is an esper and a spy for BABEL, the organization where the three girls worked. Well, we have to wait if Hyobu suspects him considering that he’s not too dense to notice.

We got a resident loli!

BTW, the animation looks so sleek and I could tell that the anime character designs from this show looked way different from the original. Of course, Manglobe is in charge of this and I’ll be honest that I like this design better. But I can’t helped and noticed that this sort of looked like Code Geass and Hyobu looked like a white-haired version of Lelouch. Well, the body type actually.

Another cool super saiyan

But I really like to point how awesome it is to have my favorite seiyuu, Kouji Yusa, voiced the main protagonist. I mean, it’s been a while since he played main protagonist. The last time he did was in Ergo Proxy where he played as Vincent Law. There’s of course, Junichi Suwabe playing as Andy.

I don’t know if I could watch the original series since I sort of dislike the character designs and not to mention, it’s very long. Anyway, some fans say that this spinoff is darker than the original and it’s possible that the characters from the original would appear. Still, it’s worth a shot to try this series out.