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In case you didn’t notice, the English dub of Blood-C is out on the webs. I’ll not tell you where I found it (Google is your friend, guys) and no, I didn’t watch this in Fumination because I’m not in North America. And to save myself of seeing the agony of watching the whole series, I only watched a few selected episodes.

source: pixiv

If you guys are asking about the singing, it’s in dub too! Alexis Tipston really did a remarkable job as the moe!Saya. But as for the stoic!Saya….it’s a bit problematic. I was wondering what she sounds like in the movie most especially when she screams Fumito’s name.

Robert McCollum is as brilliant as fuck. This guy is really talented. Guess they should hire him for more creepy villain roles. I mean, the last part of episode 12 is really awesome where he’s like flipping the middle finger on Saya!

Wow, Martha Harms is awesome here too! She’s like a “what the fuck is wrong here?” and then she became her usual and domineering self.

Lindsay Seindel did a good job here with the twin factor just like Misato Fukuen.

Chris Burnett sounds like an everyday guy instead of what Atsushi Abe envisioned: “the strong high-school rep” and Scott Freeman is okay as Tokizane as well as Lydia Mackay when she played as Kanako.

But Bill Jenkins……uhm, he sounds like a typical English man and IMO, him playing as Tadayoshi really doesn’t fit.

And Todd Haberkorn is still awesome as WataInu.

Overall, the English dub is quite good with some exceptions.

Anyway, reviews on the BD/DVD are up.  There’s still no word on the movie cast since we still need to wait for its BD/DVD release on February.