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After 2 weeks of break, Psycho-pass is back on the game.

Latent criminals? More like latent lesbians! LOL

Apparently, there are most people who would bitch on the new OP. Okay, have you guys seen what Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig did with their OP? It was full of flashbacks too! And then, in the next episodes, they got a brand new OP. Unless the person in charge of the storyboard is lacks imagination or there’s some financial issues, then, don’t complain that it’s the end of the world! Goddamnit, we survived that! Whatever, this is just me being genre savvy.

Srsly, has anyone noticed that this poor guy is banging his head on the wall until he bleeds?!

Anyway, as expected from the spoilers, we got a flashback episode on Yayoi. It’s about time since she’s one of the few who didn’t get much attention. Apparently, she’s a former guitarist from a local band, Anaglam, and later, she got institutionalized as a latent criminal. How this happened wasn’t explained. But the setting explains how art is very controlled in this society.

Hmm…this is probably where Shion takes notice of Yayoi.

We all know how music affects the person emotionally and how it helps the person expresses their emotions. We also know that in the past, music can change society and a lot of artists gave a lot of contribution to it. But apparently in this anime, the Sibyll system takes control of music (and art in general). This somehow reminds me in 1984 and V for Vendetta where the Party is in charge of the media output where they recommend art which fits their requirements. So, in a dyspotic society like Psycho-pass, any music (like revolutionary music, songs about emos, sexually suggested songs and maybe heavy metal) is strictly supervised by the system. I think this is some sort of censorship to me which is somehow practiced in other countries today.

“Ugh. Now my new suit is ruined! Thanks a lot, Sasayama!”

Back to this episode, we got Rina, a member of the opposing band and the person that Yayoi idolizes before. It is revealed that she is one of the few who hated the system and planned to revolt against it with the power of music. And not to mention, it seems that she’s going to use some violence too. I don’t know if she would worked together with Makishima given how the latter’s Psycho-pass is pure white and pretty much, their goals don’t match.

Given how she’s nice to Yayoi and asks her to join her cause, this is not the last that we see her. And the reasoning behind Yayoi’s enlistment to the MWPSB is something which we could consider since initially she believes that this might be her chance to go back into society. But her encounter with Rina changed and knowing that there’s no other way to go back once you’re a latent criminal, it seems that she submits herself to the system’s cause. I guess she knows that this is a one-shot deal.

He looks nice without the annoying bangs.

And we finally get to see Sasayama, who is sort of a hotheaded person and poor Shinya has to deal with him. But hey, at least, we get to see how classy Shinya is. And Ginoza’s haircut…..oh boy….I think I like this look better than the current one.
As for the ED……………uh………I….don’t…..even………yeah, nice abs but……….WTH! You can bitch on the new OP but I really don’t like the new ED except for the song, of course. You could have pull something similar to Guilty Crown’s 1st ED. But whatever.