I was supposed to post this yesterday. But then, a friend of mine had tickets for the Les Miserables movie. So, I watched the movie and completely forgot to post this post. Sorry OTL Anyway, I might post a review of the movie in a few days. Onto Hyobu and and gang….

Well, this gets more interesting. By the looks of it, Andy plays a good role in helping the new viewers learn more of the ZKC universe. We learn more about the members of PANDORA and their powers. Plus, we also learn a bit of Hyoubu’s history. He’s sort of similar to Magneto most especially on how they were both mistreated by normal people in the past. And if I’m not mistaken, Hyoubu is a bit friendly to the opposing team from BABEL just like how Magneto’s relationship with Professor X is played out.

Anyway, Hyoubu tests Andy’s loyalty for PANDORA while the latter refrains from casting doubt among the members since he’s a spy for BABEL. You could tell Andy acts like a naive and idiotic when he’s around the PANDORA but whether if we’re going to see him do some awesome action might come soon.

Someone is too eager to start the French Revolution.

By the looks of it, Hyoubu officially made Andy a member of his group. But I wouldn’t be surprised that Hyoubu will find out about Andy’s true identity. And for more bonus points, it seems that two characters from the original made an appearance. Idk if the three girls would appear too but given to what had happened to Aya Hirano’s career (which is even worst when some people are still calling her a “slut” >_>), I doubt that it would be possible. So, it seems that Minamoto and Sakaki, the guys from the original, would have a big role in this  spinoff.