Whew! What a great episode! A lot of revelations coming out and we’ll continue speculating.

Say whatever you want about the new OP but there are a lot of interesting things in it. First is the last shot before the title where Shinya, who is bleeding on the abdomen, is holding a real gun. That’s right, a real gun. And considering that the events that had happened to Akane in episode 11, it looks like that he would not rely on the Dominator anymore and would go against the Sibyl system just to pursue revenge.

Unless you didn’t read 1984 or V for Vendetta, you know what the government did to those people who are like Makishima.

Second is there are two new logos: Emergency Medical Service and Border Protection Field Operations. The former one might not be very important to the plot later on since it has the word Ambulance stamped on it. But the latter one really caught my attention. If we tried to take it into meaning, it’s simply about border control which are measures taken by a country to watch its borders (e.g. how the US monitors its borders between Mexico). But it’s odd because Japan is an archipelago. Unless we’re talking about territorial disputes which is still an issue today, then why do they need this? Maybe the name might be some cover on what they actually do.

Herp derpy derp derp. What’s wrong with this animation?

In this episode, the lady director of PSB (whose name isn’t mentioned) said that they have the real culprit of the Specimen Case, Touma Kouzaburou, in their custody. However, Touma voluntarily surrenders and it turns out that he’s “criminally asymptomatic”, meaning he has a low CC like Makishima. So, whatever had happened to him, the director mentions that he simply “disappeared”. But we could tell that Touma became an “unperson”. And I bet this “Border Protection Field Operations” might be in charge to erasing people like Makishima. And despite its obvious flaws, the director is more concern in keeping the society perfect which screams like Big Brother. I could tell that in the end, Shinya, Akane and probably the rest of Unit 1 would probably rebel against the government. But, this being a Urobuchi work, there would likely be casualties.

And I was right that Masaoka is indeed Ginoza’s dad. How he became an Enforcer is explained where he used to be frustrated when the Sibyl System was first used. This explains why he values detective work so much and that it even cost him to get demoted and put a strain between his relationship with son. As for Ginoza, it’s obvious that he’s afraid of the Sibyl System. Given that his Psycho-pass rate is about to go on a danger level and what the director told him about the system and Touma’s fate, it’s obvious that he would not like anyone, such as himself and Akane, to become a victim of the system.

Dibs that this woman would be the last boss.

Speaking of Akane, it seems that she’s really dedicated in hunting down Makishima despite putting her Psycho-pass rate in danger. By the looks of it, her Psycho-pass quickly recovers. And now, as Shinya said, she just become a full-fledged detective. This means that she would really do something to find Makishima. But would she end up falling into the same path as Shinya? Who knows. There’s also another interesting thing in the end where the PSB director sat there without blinking an eye and when Makishima’s picture showed up in her computer, it seems that she really knew about him. Again, this is very interesting. And by the looks of it, this case would get messy.