Would have come up with a better title but this episode is really about Makishima’s plan going into motion where he slowly gives a big FU to the Sibyl system. All right you whiners, as promised, we got a fabulous OP and it reeks with foreshadowing!

With all his friends dead, Shinya is about to sing “Empty Chairs and Empty Tables”.

As I said, it seems Shinya would be leaving MWPSB to chase down Makishima. He’s holding a real gun and Akane tries to reach out like preventing him not to go into the dark side. There’s also this part where Makishima is between Kougami and Akane at gunpoint. It seems that there might be some signs of betrayal and I bet there would be deaths among the Unit 1 members.

Guess it explain why security in our school is so strict with pointed objects.

Now on this episode, that helmet…..it looks familiar, right? Yup, that’s the same helmet that we see in the prologue of episode 1 which means we might get to see the first confrontation between Makishima and Shinya. And these helmets are just the beginning. They copy someone’s Psycho-pass so that they won’t get caught by the police. And, of course, this is all from Makishima. I could tell Makishima is planning for something big….which is, obviously, revolution. Not French revolution, guys!

You want to live in this society? Then, better pray that you won’t get bash in the head while bystanders just look at you!

Makishima seems disappointed on how people in the Psycho-pass world are like mindless sheep. I mean just look at that scene where the helmet guy beat a woman with a hammer and everybody just seem to stand and watch. Look, we know how helpful the Sibyl system is to people but given how calm they are when a person is getting killed in front of them is uncanny. I guess this is the problem where people in the Psycho-pass world never thought fearing the outside. As Akane and Ginoza stated, they never imagine a person getting killed in front of them given on how comfortable they are where everything is monitor thanks to the Sibyl system. Unless that person is someone close to them, their Psycho-pass rate didn’t go cloudy. I guess these people are in a worse case of Bystander Effect.

Apparently, Makishima’s plan doesn’t have the “build a barricade” plan because that would be awesome.

Whoever said that the Sibyl system is perfect (I’m looking at you, tumblr!) should get kick on the nards. All right, who created the Sibyl system? Humans, right?! As for 14 episodes, do we really know who these creators? I mean, they’re not Gods or aliens or AIs. If an AI is the creator of the Sibyl system then, who created this AI? Humans, right? And we all know that humans are capable of making mistakes. No one is perfect, right? As they say, garbage in, garbage out. I like to mention what my Technology and Home Economics teacher in high school would say that computers are stupid. Computers are good in the logical part but creators can instill the reasoning and moral part if they are careful. But again, what is the Sibyl system? Is it really an AI? Or a group of people? Yeah, it’s like asking who Big Brother is…and I’m not referring to that stupid reality show.

Makishima obviously knows kung-fu

And for the ED, good. No naked people but Akane-centric. And I guess this song really tells about Akane’s feelings and doubts.But anyway, I just hope these mysteries would get answered. On second thought, Urobuchi mentioned that episode 16 is his “masterpiece”. With episode 15 rolling in soon, the tides are turning and this is going to be a big one.