Well, it looks like hell is about to start with this episode. And eventually, the next episode would be the first confrontation between Makishima and Shinya which Urobuchi regarded it as his masterpiece.

No one ever realizes that hell is about to break loose.

With the mass production of the helmets along with the video of that woman who got beaten up uploaded on the internet, everybody is being to doubt the Sibyl System. Because of the helmet, nobody is safe. People are confused whether they should call the MWPSB or not. They don’t have a clue if the person wearing the helmet is a criminal or not. What’s even worse is that the victims retaliate with extreme force. And with the false information and rumors spreading around the net, they think they’re off the hook.

Something which Makishima and I agree.

Since society has lived in peace for a long time, MWPSB doesn’t have any riot staff so they called in the CID to do it. We didn’t actually see how they do it apart from Shinya throwing some sort of EMP grenade and Akane requesting the rioters to stand down. Well, it’s hard to differentiate if the helmet people are the victims and criminals. It is by then that Shinya realized that these riots are just a distraction for Makishima to enter the Nona Tower, where the Sibyl System is stored. And as I mentioned back in episode 14, we’re slowly getting to know what the Sibyl System actually is.
Is the Sibyl System an AI or a group of people? If it’s a group of people, then, who are they? The creators? The criminal asymptomatic people like the Specimen case culprit? Or something else? If it’s an AI, who created it? Who is the AI based from? Or does AI have some sentience? In all the Sibyl System discussions that I’ve met for the past months, only a few questioned the system’s origins. I guess we’re all distracted on the morals and ethics of the system and yet, we rarely asked ourselves who created it in the first place and why is it there in the first place.

Yeah, sure, the simple answer to that is to do away with the violence for the past years. But we never get to know th exact reason behind it. Since Makishima referenced Philip Dick’s book, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? “, the book is set in a post-nuclear world where all the animals near extinct or endangered. And it’s possible that the Psycho-pass world is set after a nuclear war which might result into a near devastation of the environment (which explains the label on the water bottles and Senguji owning robo dogs). And while mankind recovers from the war, they thought of the Sibyl System  which could be the ultimate solution to decrease violence and prevent another war.

It seems a death flag waving on Kagari…..this is so bad…..

Anyway, I noticed that Kagari is now partnered with Shinya and Akane instead of Ginoza and Yayoi. Yeah, I think the writers want us to see how Ginoza and his dad worked together as a team. But it makes sense now. Since Akane is beginning to become more observant here (after episode 11), she doesn’t need Masaoka’s guidance anymore. But, of course, she still needs Masaoka’s help in case of personal problems. Or maybe, the writers are putting on a death flag on Kagari. I mean, we don’t much about him yet asides from being detected as a latent criminal when he was a kid.

Goddamn, cliffhanger. Well, at least, we know that Shinya and Makishima would meet for the first time. And then, they would sing “The Confrontation” LOL. jk, it doesn’t really fit them, you know XD BTW, I agree with Makishima on paperback books.