Well, this masterpiece just burst everybody in tears. Thank you, Urobuchi, for fucking everyone around.

“Kogami, at last/ We see each other plain/ Former Inspector/ You wear a different chain~”

So, we now know that the Sibyl System isn’t actually the all-around perfect system which some people claimed to be. As what Choe put it, revealing the true nature of the Sibyl System would result into an all-out revolt from the people and destroy this perfect society. So, yes, this confirms that the sibyl System is powered by humans….. I mean, what’s worse when you find out that a computer is controlled by humans who are alive…..I bet they’re screaming, “QUIET PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!”. And not to mention, the director (whose name is Kasei) happens to be a Cyborg and can override the Dominator. Thus, Kagari meets his end…..

I know most people think that Kagari is dead because Kasei override the Dominator to Lethal Mode. But for me,  I don’t think he’s dead. We rarely know this guy asides from being a latent criminal at age 5 and how much he refuses to work with Choe despite his hatred on the sibyl system. So, the chance that Kagari would not just stand there and let himself get hit. Sorry, I have to be genre savvy again. There are rumors that he would fake his death and go on hiding after learning the true nature of the Sibyl System. But we have to wait for the next episode. I mean, why would kill off a main character who doesn’t have enough development for the past episodes? Unless, the next episode is another flashback episode and this time, it might featured Kagari’s story.

Thank you, directors, for inserting dirty thoughts again in my head! XD XD XD

And since this episode finally gave us the showdown between Shinya and Makishima….well, that was awesome. Though some of my dirty thoughts think that the fight…..had…..uhm….some……..suggestive……moves…..LOL I’m very sure there’s going to be some “hardcore” doujinshis of Shinya and Makishima LOL. Whoever directed this fight scene….you, sir, need some spanking XD XD

But the one of the biggest highlight here is Akane. So, those idiots who hate her, well, fuck you! Look how she didn’t even flinched when she’s wounded on the knee and how saved Shinya from Makishima by bashing his head with the helmet. So, yeah, fuck you if you still think she’s useless. Yeah, I know, you want her to kill Makishima. But come on, Makishima is the main antagonist here. Killing him here in this episode is a stupid move and bad story-telling. And Shinya would get his throat slit if Akane is not there. So, fuck you, you fucking haters and trolls! Yeah, someone said that Akane would take full responsibility for this episode. So what? This episode indicates that everything would go downhill since we slowly know what the Sibyl System is.

*insert Terminator music here*

So, is this the end of Makishima? Well, since he’s arrested, he might try to turn the tables around and convince everyone about how bad the Sibyl system is. Again, the OP foreshadows sorts of betrayal among Unit 1, starting with Shinya. Now, with Kasei revealed as a Cyborg…..could this show another man vs. machine story again? Who knows…..