Well, for those who have correctly guessed about the Sibyl system should treat themselves with chocolate. Oh and happy Valentines’ Day to everyone.

Anyway, I was right that the Sibyl system being composed of the brains of people who are like Makishima. This pretty much call backs from the movie, Minority Report, where the Precrime system is composed of three offspring of drug addicts. Here in Psycho-pass, you got 270 sociopaths controlling the system which is more disturbing. But they’re lousy leaders or should I say, the worst leaders in the country. Well, obviously, given their egoistic attitude of judging everyone in Japan, they never thought of putting top security on Makishima who literally kick their asses and escape. BTW, I’m not surprised about this revelation of the system being…you know….owned by brains…guess I watched too much sci-fi movies then.

Somehow, I know how this anime would end.

About Makishima….i’ll be honest, I never liked him. I understand his cause about the Sibyl system. But then, I never liked him…I don’t see him as some champion of saving everyone in this dystopia world. I see him as a selfish person who likes to be entertained. Come on, he sacrificed a lot of people just to see the results. He’s not a hero. He’s bored. He said it himself that he rather be the player than the referee. Still, I like how he beat up the cyborg. But is he an interesting villain? Yeah….but not nearly interesting as….you know….The Joker.

Which brings me to the speculation about Shinya joining Makishima. Apparently, I don’t think Shinya is willing to join Makishima 100%. I mean, Makishima is indirectly responsible for Shinya’s downfall. I wouldn’t imagine him working together with this guy or putting aside his revenge for Sasayama when they’re planning to bring down the system. If that happens, then I’m disappointed. But I would imagine that Makishima would offer Shinya to join his cause in bringing down the system. And then, Shinya would have to morally agonized about this which is a good idea for this story.

Well….goodbye, Kagari….meet us at the bar then.

About Kagari….yeah, most of you are calling it off that he’s dead….sure, we didn’t see him dodged. So, yeah, he’s dead and that’s disappointing….and stupid…..Why? We barely know him. He’s not Mami, who we know her as the senior Magical Girl for Madoka and Sayaka and later got her head ripped in episode 3. Urobuchi made a bad move of killing this guy off. Srsly, you gave Yayoi a backstory and she survive (for now). And for Kagari….srsly, why do you have to do that?

I could see where this is going…

Anyway, I don’t know how I feel about this episode. But considering my mood this week, I felt like I don’t care much what would happened anymore. I know for much that Shinya would join Makishima (but not in a 100% way), Akane and everyone in Unit 1 would go against him, some deaths in Unit 1 would occur (I’m calling Masaoka and/or Gino on this) and, as usual, Sibyl system would go down in the end. Idk about Shinya’s and Makishima’s fate in the end but I guess either one of them would live.