Yeah, I’m aware that there’s something wrong with the animation quality. Director Shiotani apologized that in his twitter account. So, I guess if we want a better quality, wait for the BD release.

“Either there’s something wrong with my glasses or not, 80% of this episode’s animation looks horrible!”

Now, on Ginoza, I know some people still hate (I think) but you got to admit, he acknowledges how useless he is. And as his daddy Masaoka said already, he becomes to reliable to the system and that he can’t stay in a neutral position. I’ll admit Masaoka’s advice is terrible for a person who is raised to believe the system’s judgment. But still, he’s doing his fatherly role If you look at that scene where Kasei overrides Ginoza’s dominator to lethal mode, Ginoza looks pretty shocked because he’s going to shoot his friend. Yeah, you might say Ginoza is harsh on Enforcers but he still cares for them, at least, particularly Shinya.

Anyway, I’m very pissed at Kasei since she manipulates everyone in the department from blaming Ginoza for Kagari’s “disappearance” to forcing him to shoot Shinya. But, of course, we all want to see downfall of the system…..unless Urobuchi pulls a Madoka Magica part on this (and let Kyuubey get away 😛 ). Unless everyone (except Akane) are blind to see what happened there, I bet they would realize that something went wrong with Ginoza’s Dominator. I’m just glad that Akane saved the day again. But I had a feeling that Kasei would start focusing on her and probably asked for her brains XP.

“Dear anime viewers, we apologize for this terrible animation. Please bear with us while I leave this department so I can kick Makishima’s ass!”

And for Shinya, we know that he’s going to leave the force. But his team-up with Makishima. Doubtful. Yeah, sure Makishima wants him to see the truth behind the system. But as I said earlier, Shinya wouldn’t fully be happy in joining Makishima 100%. Though with his talk with Masaoka says otherwise. We remember that he’s angry at Makishima for the death of Sasayama but now, it’s more of a personal cause. He’s angry at Makishima for the crap that he lived thru! So, yeah, he admits in his letter to Akane that he chose a selfish path and he’s not going to stay as a detective. And Akane calls him an idiot.

“Hey, don’t worry, Kogami! I’m sure we might get better quality in the next episode! As long as, you know, if I stay alive.”

What happens now? Would events in the second OP unfold where Akane would shoot Shinya? Idk. For now, it’s hard to tell who gets to die first and who lives in the end. I’m very sure Akane would live in the end. But again, it’s Urobuchi.