Well, the animation looks better. And not to mention, we’re only three episodes left! Wow, time flies so fast. I wonder how Urobuchi will wrap this up.

The most depressing picture that you have ever seen T_T

Though it’s a bit late, we learn much about the setting of Psycho-pass. Japan isolates itself once the Sibyl System is established. They produced their own food and banned importation from  other countries. They’re also regulate outside communication and strict with regards to outsiders. It’s ironic that Japan ended up like North Korea except North Korea exerts its energy more on nuclear weapons and they’re Communists. Oh, and not to mention, they have black propaganda on the outside world particularly the US. I wonder if there are people in the Psycho-pass society who flee the country but I had a feeling that the system is very strict with border protection and if anyone tries to escape, they got executed. But of course, as Makishima said, the people in the Psycho-pass world are like sheep.

This is probably the last smile that we get to see from Shinya.

It’s also sad that the system also deemed scholars, critics and professors. I mean, these guys, whether they’re crazy or mean (hey, there are scholars who are crazy), are important for society’s progress. Though it makes me wonder who actually started the Sibyl System in the first place. But judging by the setting, I say it’s probably some politician who is xenophobic and keen in keeping Japanese society perfect.

Akane looks hardass now!

On Makishima, it’s very interesting how Shinya and Professor Saiga discussed his nature. Though I can’t sympathize Makishima yet, you could tell on this conversation that Makishima feels alienated from society because he’s an abnormality. The system always scan him with a pure white Psycho-pass. Even though Touma offers him to join the system, Makishima just tell him to screw it. As he said, he’s more interested in becoming the player where he can screw order whatever he wants because the system can’t judged him. Also, he finds it boring to be the judge because he’ll just observe and not get involve with society which pretty much what he wanted. But again, I don’t feel any sympathy for Makishima.

Whether you still like Ginoza or not, it’s clear that he’s desperate to find Shinya and protect Akane. Now that his father and Shinya fell into the system’s judgment, his option now is to prevent Akane from repeating the same mistake and save Shinya from falling down deeper. I find it sad that we get to see a photo to Ginoza and Masaoka which somehow waves a death flag on either one of them.

And wow, Akane really has changed here. From being a naive and idealistic newbie, this girl has finally grown. And it’s also interesting that they keep going back to her Psycho-pass which remains clear. So, does this mean that she’s also a criminally asymptomatic individual too? And with the ending where a drone tells Akane about something, does this mean that she will also get recruited by the system to be part of their collective? If that happens, I had a feeling that the system would use her against Shinya. It’s possible since we saw in the OPs how she points her Dominator at him. This is going to get intense but I wish that this is not only 22 episodes since there are lot of things unexplored.