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Finally, after 9 months of waiting, I finally watched Blood-C: The Last Dark. This movie received a Fantasia award and reached No # 10 in the Japanese box office. However, it got some mixed reviews from critics. But that doesn’t stop me from waiting it for long. And in the end, my high expectations on this movie went down the drain……. Warning: before you think this is some sort of rant post, just so you know, I am excited about this movie and you’ve seen how much I made a lot of posts about this movie.

Apparently, I thought this movie is about Saya’s revenge on Fumito. But much on the screen time is devoted to the members of SIRRUT, who are composed of young hackers, and they’re backed up by a crippled CEO who has a beef on Fumito. I’ll be really honest here. The side characters lack motive here except for Mana and Kuroto (the crippled CEO). Mana wants to look for her dad, who is a reporter investigating on Fumito, and Kuroto…well, I already mentioned it. The rest are meh, most especially on the two guys, Matsuo and Fujimaru. Tsukiyomi is cute and Yanagi sort of reminds me of Julia from Blood+ (since they have the same voice actress). But despite watching the movie several times, these four character really lack motive. Yeah, you want to expose Fumito’s crimes to the public. But why? Did Fumito took away your girlfriend, your dad etc? Or did he blocked you for accessing your daily dose of porn?

On the other side, you have the villains. Kuto is Fumito’s elite guard. However, he didn’t seem to show any threatening muscle compared to Amshel Goldsmith and the rest of Diva’s Chevaliers. Plus, his transformation to an Elder Bairn is stupid. Srsly, he should listen to his own words that Saya can’t kill human beings and yet, he transformed into the very thing that she kill. What a dumbass! And Yuka only appeared for two scenes. So, uh….that’s it? She finally became the Tokyo governor and abolished the Youth Ordinance Bill in the end. So, what did she do in the movie? Nothing.

And now on Fumito……I’ll be honest…..this guy is really an annoying villain. I remember what Nanase Ohkawa said that her influence in writing this movie is Quentin Tarantino. The recent Tarantino movies (Kill Bill, Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained) are revenge-based and yet, they have bittersweet and satisfying endings. And if you want to compare Fumito to Bill, Col. Lando and Caddie, these three guys owned for being bad guys. And it’s not because they’re played by brilliant actors. It’s because their motives are clear. I’ll go directly on Bill since Lando and Caddie are villains marked with prejudice. Bill has his reason on killing everyone on The Bride’s wedding day: he overreacted. He’s disappointed that The Bride left him without saying goodbye due to her pregnancy. And when he found out that The Bride is getting married to another guy, he’s furious. But he found out about The Bride’s pregnancy so he took care of her daughter (well, she’s also his) and knew that The Bride survived. So, he knew fully well that The Bride would come after him and he accepted that.

As for Fumito…his reasons are as confusing as clone thing on Tsubasa Chronicle. I need a clear head here: as revealed in the last episode of the TV series, he made the Ukishima experiment for Saya just to see if she can protect humans in her cherry personality. In other words, he wants to see if Saya can change from her stoic personality to her cherry personality when protecting people. If she surpassed that, Fumito can restore her ability in killing humans. But in the end, she failed that because she can only protect people when she’s on her stoic personality. Plus, she made a wish to Watanuki that she does not want to change. Watanuki granted that wish but it wasn’t explained what’s the price for that wish. Maybe the price is the body count of those who died in Ukishima XD. Idk. Now in the movie, his reasons become blurry. His support for the Youth Ordinance Bill are due to prevent the public from knowing his experiments on turning humans into Elder Bairns. But using Seventh Heaven’s resources and taking over command on Tower is to prevent the Elder Bairns from going extinct and he’s using Saya’s blood to do that. But why would he go into great lengths for this? Well, it turns out that he’s in love for Saya. And what’s the connection on that? I have no idea.

So, when Saya asked “why the fuck did you do this?!”, he just say, “it’s because I wanted to bring back your ability to kill humans and that I love you ❤ <3” Wut?! So, how is this bringing her ability to kill humans related to all the crap that she’d experienced?! WTF, CLAMP?! WTF?! And now, Saya is lonely T_T Goddamnit! Saya has the worst CLAMP ending that she ever got next to Subaru’s ending in Tokyo Babylon! Fuck you, Fumito and your feelings! I wish I could engraved a swastika on your forehead or shoot you in the head. Yeah, you deserved to die but not like this! And you don’t deserve an Oscar because that belongs to Leo DiCaprio!

Anyway, enough of the Fumito rant. About the Elder Bairns thing, this sort of break the continuity between the Blood-C universe and the original Blood movie. It’s very simple in the original Blood movie: the chiropeterans are a mistake that humanity made when they attempted to achieve immortality and as a result, they created Saya who never ages, is immortal and can kill these chiropeterans with her blood. In the Blood-C universe, the Elder Bairns existed in the ancient times and Saya’s blood can only control them not kill. So, yeah, the Elder Bairns and Chiropeterans are not the same thing. And I’m guessing Saya is not the original Saya from the original movie. Gee, thank you for destroying the continuity, CLAMP! *sarcasm* Also, Tower (which is formed by the Nanahara and the Mogari clans) are in charge of preserving the Elder Bairns and not a part of Red Shield, who want to eliminate the chiropeterans. So, no, Fumito is not part of Red Shield. Yeah, sorry to disappoint those who think that this is some sort of continuation from the original Blood movie. So, it’s safe to say that the Blood-C universe is also an alternate universe.

But do I like it? I do want to like but I really don’t like it in the end. Why? I hate the ending and much of the time is on the hackers. Come on, this is supposed to be more on Saya’s revenge on Fumito. I guess the problem is that CLAMP added too much characters in it. It would be better if Mana and Kuroto would be the only ones to support Saya and there would some more backstabbing in Fumito’s side like in Blood+. Srsly, CLAMP should watched Django Unchained. Oh wait, that movie came out after this movie LOL. Still, it’s a good movie if only the story would have a better ending. If Tarantino watches this movie, he’s going to be disappointed.

So, the good things that I could say here is that the animation looks great IMO and music and voice acting is superb. I’d never Ai Hashimoto to be this good. The real weaknesses are the story and the side characters. And if you’re expecting some answers here, you’ll be disappointed. I’ll be honest. The reason why I’m upset on this movie is because my expectation on this is high and it would bring back the faith in the Blood franchise. But in the end, it still made some people disappointed. So, yeah, I’m disappointed on this because the outcome of the movie is something which I didn’t expect. It’s too hard to ignore the flaws in it. So, if you like this movie 100% despite how depressing the ending is or with its obvious flaws, good for you because you coated it with your bias.

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