I’m combining my thoughts on epi 20 with epi 21 since it’s relevant plus it’s all about Akane’s moral dilemma back then. Jesus Christ, I never thought this would go so bad.

Akane is becoming badass.

Anyway, on epi 20, we saw how Akane grow from being a naive inspector to a dedicated detective who is willing to save the man who changed her life after all the crap that she’d experienced. Upon seeing the whole truth on the Sibyl system, her choices are more divided. She knows that the people in charge are as bad as Makishima but in an opposite direction. And despite that, they brought some advantages to the society. However, we should remember that the system is made by humans and humans made mistakes. No system is perfect as always but these brains never seem to agonize the decisions they make unlike our world leaders today. However, their decisions conflict ethics and you could say, they are no longer humans anymore.

Is he a revolutionary? Or a guy interested in chaos?

Being consumed with technology and the consensus of those who are used to this, each of those brains lost their sense of humanity and individuality. This is why Makishima never wants to be part of the system. Again, Makishima makes a point that he wants the Japanese society to experience what’s like to be human but his actions were cruel. Sure, he’s willing to sacrifice lives to save a million but does he ever feel guilt in it? Look at Lelouch of Code Geass. He’s willing to be hated by society and kill tons in order to make the world a better place but he regrets involving those close to him which is the price for his selfish wish. But Makishima? No. He is alone. Sure, he has that Korean dude but their relationship is only on the professional level. Of course, Makishima feels bad that he’s being an outcast due to his clear Psycho-pass. But again, we never seem the hardships that he experienced before. So, yeah, even with this recent episode, I have a hard time empathizing with a man like him. He may have a point however, he’s more like those radicals and terrorists in our society. Yeah, sorry, if I have to label him that and epi. 21 prove that point…..


….where Masaoka dies!!!!! Oh God! I knew he’s going to hit the bucket! But this is so painful!!!! Damnit!!! Even Ginoza calls him “Dad”! GODDAMNIT UROBUCTHER!!!!!!!! You fucking son of a bitch!!!!! You know what’s even worse?! Ginoza lost his left arm just like his dad! Goddamn symbolism!!! This only where Ginoza realizes how much his dad loved him. And for all the crap the he’s experienced, Ginoza only realized it in the end.


And you, Makishima, stop smiling when a kid is cradling his dad’s body!! You fucking asshole!!! Sorry for all the Makishima fans out there! I never like Makishima. And I already said, it seems he’s more interested in playing the game than freeing humanity from Sibyl’s control. He’s more into chaos and….sorry, if this is painful to hear……selfish. Hope you understand that if Makishima exists in the real world, he’s more akin to terrorists and radicals whose only point to collapse the system. This is my opinion. I’m not saying he’s a terrible villain unlike someone from a movie with Naoyoshi Shiotani directed. He’s brilliant character who plays a lot of emotion on everybody with motives that made him so complex. But in a personal level, I never like his actions.

I hope so, Akane. I don’t even know if you’ll get a happy ending.

Anyway, one more episode left. Who will survive this time? I know some want to see the Sibyl system collapse but it’s unlikely the case. I think there might be a sequel soon. In most of the cyberpunk material that I’ve seen, it usually ends with the collapse of the evil government etc. But here, there’s no time for that. In fact, I don’t even know if this is going to be happy ending (which is unlikely in a cyberpunk world) or a bittersweet one. But hopefully, I hope we get to see more of Psycho-pass soon.